Botcrypto Review

No matter how experienced a trader you are, round-the-clock cryptocurrency trading can be tough to handle all by yourself. From 24/7 monitoring to instantaneous trading decisions, managing these tasks by manual measures is practically impossible for any individual. 

But with the help of trading investing automation tools, you can easily achieve the goals of uninterrupted monitoring, instant transactions, and accurate analysis. These automated solutions not only help you benefit from rapid market movements but also let you fulfill your other responsibilities without compromising your trading activities. 

Botcrypto is one such trading bot platform that lets you create your own investing auto tools to use on multiple exchanges. During the past few years, the service has emerged as a sought-after product for those who want an easy-to-use trading bot solution. 

To see if Botcrypto is the right fit for you, here’s a lowdown on the service, its offerings, and its overall execution in the world of cryptocurrency. 

How Long Has Botcrypto Been in Business?

Based out of France, Botcrypto made its debut in late 2017. Since it first came to the forefront, the solution has stood apart from many other trading bot services due to its overall value proposition.

With a graphical user interface (GUI), the Botcrypto program allows you to create your own trading investing automation tools in a few easy steps. These tools can work with different strategies, and allow users to make quick trades based on active market movements. 

Botcrypto offers different types of pre-made strategies that make it easy to use the bot program right off the bat with some popular approaches. But if you want a more intricate or controlled approach to your trading, you can customize these strategies further during the bot-building process. This gives you the flexibility to make your trading bots as simple or as intricate as you may like. 

How Reputable is Botcrypto?

At first glance, it may seem like Botcrypto lags behind its competitors in terms of its overall popularity. But at a closer look, it becomes clear that the bot has a niche yet dedicated following that swears by its solutions. 

Botcrypto has amassed a fan following from those traders who want to go beyond the ordinary services of trading tools and want more customization in their automated solutions. This holds true for individuals with all sorts of trading skill sets. 

For beginner traders, Botcrypto brings the opportunity to learn about different strategies and make highly personalized trading investing automation tools on the fly. When it comes to moderately experienced traders, the bot brings about a hoard of existing indicators that can then be utilized as a base for more customized strategies. In a similar fashion, experienced traders can easily create their own strategies based upon their preferences and trading style. 

Due to these abilities as well as its commitment to security standards, Botcrypto has emerged as a highly popular solution in many sectors of the cryptocurrency trading industry. 

Which Exchanges Does Botcrypto Support?

At the time of writing, Botcrypto supports two popular cryptocurrency exchanges. These include Binance and Kraken, which offer complete support for Botcrypto as well as the trading bot tools that are created using its solution. 

At these exchanges, you can use Botcrypto to trade popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In fact, the bot makes it a point not to restrict its crypto options and allows you to trade all the cryptocurrencies that are available at these exchanges. This makes it fall under the same league as many reputable trading bot solutions that offer their users the same flexibility without any additional price. 

This means that in order to use Botcrypto, you just need to have an active and verified account at either Binance or Kraken. From there, you can easily connect the solution to your exchange account and start trading in a few easy steps. Since both of these exchanges are highly respected and popular in the cryptocurrency sector, it also brings yet another layer of reliability to Botcrypto’s offerings. 

How Much Does Botcrypto Cost?

Botcrypto offers different packages for its services, which start with a free account and go up to a professional account for customized solutions. The bot also has three retail paid packages that are available on a monthly as well as a yearly billing mechanism. 

By paying for the whole year, you get a 20 percent discount on the selected package. Whereas, getting a monthly package charges you each month but offers the flexibility to stop the solution after a month or two.

All of these plans come with the ability to test out all features such as unlimited strategies, backtest functionalities, as well as webhooks such as a TradingView signal. They differ by the allowance of some features such as the number of backtest simulations and the number of available trading automation tools. 

To help you take a quick glance, here’s a rundown of these packages. 


This package comes free of cost and carries all the basic features of the solution. However, it doesn’t offer any active bots and remains a trial version that lets you see the interface and run backtests as well as real-time simulations. This package lets you run up to 1,440 candles in backtests. It also offers 1 incoming webhook.


This boasts of all features of the free version, as well as 2 active automation tools. You can also run up to 5,760 candles in backtests. This lets you use 2 incoming webhooks.

This solution costs €12.49 per month. But if you go on a yearly basis, you can get the price reduced to €9.99 per month instead. This means that the solution racks up to €119.88 per year.


This version comes with 5 active bots on the markets. You can also run up to 7,920 candles in backtests. The number of incoming webhooks gets increased to 4.

This solution costs €37.49 per month. On a yearly basis, the price is slashed to stand at €29.99 per month. The yearly subscription costs €359.88 per year.


Gold offers a whopping 20 active bots on the markets. It also lets you run backtests with up to 10,080 candles. The number of incoming webhooks in this package climbs to stand at 8.

This package comes at the price of €74.99 per month. The yearly subscription reduces the price to €59.99 per month. The yearly subscription comes at €719.88 per year.

How Easy to Use is Botcrypto?

Thanks to its GUI, Botcrypto is quite easy to use and comes with a sleek design that is appealing to the eyes. This makes the app stand in line with many modern applications and ensures that you can steer clear of a dated experience. 

Since Botcrypto is built to be as user-friendly as it is advanced, it is also ideal to use for beginners who are just learning the ropes of cryptocurrency trading. At the same time, the solution carries various seamless features that take its offerings to the next level for advanced users. 

What Settings are Available for Botcrypto?

Botcrypto offers various types of settings, strategies, and technical indicators that can help with a slew of crypto trading activities. 

For instance, out of the over 20 technical indicators that are available with the solution, some of the most popular choices include but are not limited to Bollinger bands, Vortex, RSI, and MACD. 

Depending upon your usage and customization requirements, you can find a variety of use cases for these indicators as well as the most relevant strategies that you can utilize within your trading bot activities. 

How Secure is Botcrypto?

Botcrypto offers standard security and allows you to connect to your applicable exchanges using application programming interface (API) keys. This makes sure that you don’t have to exchange your cryptocurrency exchange account’s password with anyone. 

Since this connection doesn’t require any withdrawal permissions, this also ensures that your funds can be handled for your desired cryptocurrency transactions without any risks of theft. 

How Good is Botcrypto Customer Support?

Botcrypto’s customer support is quite good and allows you to troubleshoot your issues without running into many problems. The support is available through live chat as well as email. With that being said, you can also browse the detailed helpdesk section that gives you answers for critical inquiries. 

While the helpdesk segment can do with a little more information for self-troubleshooting, the availability of an active human team lets you prevent larger issues. The Botcrypto community is also active through Discord, which gives you another way to ask questions and seek answers. 

How Profitable is Botcrypto?

Similar to many other reputable trading bot solutions, Botcrypto does not outline for certain just how profitable it can be. It is because cryptocurrency trading is a highly unpredictable mechanism, where it is not possible to single out a number in terms of overall profitability. While trading automation tools make it easier for you to make accurate trades, the profitability factor cannot be guessed ahead of time. 

With that being said, the Botcrypto program does offer backtesting with over 3 years of data. It also offers real-time simulations across all bots which let you see if your strategy would be of any help before you start trading in the real market. 


Overall, Botcrypto brings about an easy-to-use solution in a highly appealing design. But apart from providing you with some much-needed eye candy, it also stands out due to its overall functionalities. With several indicators, strategies, and customization features, the Botcrypto solution stands apart from many other programs. 

By using the bot’s free version or monthly version, you can determine if it is the right fit for you. This lets you make an informed decision about sticking to the solution for the long haul.