Bitsgap review

Ever since Bitcoin’s debut in 2009, the crypto sector has evolved tremendously. And its journey of progress still continues to this day.

Once only used for secret trades, cryptocurrency is now widely recognized by tech moguls for its potential. With that, it has also broken out into the mainstream market and garnered the interest of conventional traders.

Today, the crypto sector has obtained the attention of professional and new traders alike, where both segments bring their own requirements to the table.

Catering to the needs of these consumer segments is not easy by any means. Not only do cryptocurrency markets have to take in the novice skillset of new traders into account, but it also has to develop products that make asset management easier for professional traders.

While achieving this balance is difficult, it is definitely not impossible. And tools such as Bitsgap are proving this to be true. Read this Bitsgap bot review to know more about its settings, pricing models and overall performance.

⌛ Time in Business

Launched in early 2018, Bitsgap is a cryptocurrency management platform that provides an array of services to digital asset traders. Some of its offerings include but are not limited to portfolio management, signals, demo mode, and trading bots.

Instead of being restricted to only one aspect of crypto trading and essentially forcing users to turn to different platforms for their requirements, Bitsgap brings all of these different services under one umbrella. This makes it easier for traders to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio while also performing essential trading tasks with ease.

This also sets Bitsgap apart from most other services that are based on a single service model. For instance, instead of signing up with a trading bot platform and a portfolio management app separately, traders could meet both needs by turning to Bitsgap.

The platform also comes with a Demo mode, where trading tasks could be simulated without any involvement of traders’ funds.

This makes certain that novice traders could have an ample amount of practice with mechanisms before throwing their actual funds into the game, while also ensuring that expert traders could test their strategies before spending money on them. When coupled with the Bitsgap trading bot, this feature could be extremely useful and helpful to traders of all scales.

Since the trading bot could be combined with other services seamlessly, it allows to make use of an array of features from a single-serve. This enhances the platform’s value proposition significantly and makes it a great choice especially for professional traders who use all of these services on a daily basis.


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💡 Reputation

While Bitsgap has only been on the cryptocurrency scene for a couple of years, it has obtained quite a bit of traction.

With that being said, the number of users on the service is still modest as compared to platforms that provide individual trading bot or portfolio management services.

Those who have utilized Bitsgap’s services for the sake of reviewing it or to actually supplement their day to day operations have had good things to say about the platform. That is mostly due to the versatility of the service and its different features such as limit, stop-loss, and take-profit orders.

🚀 I have tested the Bitsgap bot on a PRO plan with real money investment. You can check the results here.

👌 Exchanges Supported

Apart from the variety of its services, perhaps the biggest advantage that makes Bitsgap stand out from the crowd is the number of exchanges that are supported by the platform.

Through these exchanges, Bitsgap users could track market prices, keep an eye on trading signals, and set up bots. The platform’s users could also benefit from arbitrage opportunities on the exchanges that support it.

At the time of writing, Bitsgap supports no less than 25 cryptocurrency exchanges. These include large scale and popular names including but not limited to:

Given that most of these exchanges provide their services all over the world, this also opens Bitsgap’s doors to a large number of users.

Bitsgap exchanges

💰 Price

Since Bitsgap is not just a trading bot but a fully-fledged exchange aggregator, its pricing is tried to the multiple functionalities that it brings to the table.

But even then, the pricing model that is followed by the service is quite modest.

Free Plan

Bitsgap has a free plan which has all standard features but limited access to some platform features. It also comes with a monthly volume limit of $1,000.

Paid Plans

Bitsgap’s paid services are available through three different packages, all of which come with a combination of all of the standard features on the platform as well as access to unlimited exchanges.

Basic Package

In addition to the core set of services, this package comes with 2 trading bots and a monthly volume limit of $25,000. This package does not have the arbitrage feature included in it. The monthly pricing is $19/month, or $15/month if billed annually.

Advanced Package

This package also has the standard set of features. But it has the added advantage of the arbitrage feature. It comes with 5 bots and a monthly volume limit of $100,000. The monthly pricing is $44/month, or $35/month if billed annually. This package also comes with priority support.

Pro Package

As the most advanced offering from the platform, the package has everything that the platform has to offer. It boasts of 15 trading bots as well as arbitrage. It comes at the price tag of $110/month, or $88/month if billed annually.

All these plans from the Bitsgap platform are built on the same overall interface. The plans also come with the following features:

  • Over 25 supported exchanges
  • Over 10,000 trading pairs
  • Over 75 technical indicators
  • Demo Practice mode
  • Portfolio management
  • Trading bot strategies
  • Signals and Market Watchlist
  • Different order types
  • Smart orders (Stop-Loss/Take-Profit)
  • TradingView charts
Bitsgap pricing

😎 Ease of Use

Despite a plethora of features, Bitsgap comes with a user-friendly interface. The UI is easy on the eyes, but it still comes with advanced features. Since it comes in both desktop and mobile app versions, these features are available through the click of a button or a tap on the screen.

The interface also comes with the nifty feature of switching from day/night mode, which ensures that you are not setting up your trading bots with watery eyes in the middle of the night.

These simple yet essential features make it quite a breeze to use Bitsgap bot, regardless of if you are using it on a desktop or a mobile device. It also makes it easier to use complex features, which is a huge advantage to traders who don’t have too much time to invest in learning the mechanisms.

⚙️ Settings Available

Even after offering an array of services, those who are interested in making their life easier would still be focused on Bitsgap’s trading bot and how it actually works.

As explained by the exchange’s knowledge base, each bot could be set up with different parameters that include but are not limited to the investment amount and the quantity per order.

With that being said, some of the settings might prove to be too basic for seasoned traders. As such, it is essential that you check for the parameters being offered by Bitsgap’s trading bot and proceed only if you are comfortable in what you are being offered in the form of the bot’s features.

Bitsgap features

🛡️ Security

Bitsgap comes with standard security features that are the norm for any trading bot service. It is not surprising to see considering that the platform also provides other features and services that access users’ sensitive account information.

The platform comes with the ability to set up two-factor authentication (2FA). With it, it also does not allow access from the API until you have disabled the withdrawal feature from your wallet.

These measures ensure that malicious parties are not able to get their hands on your funds.

👨‍💻 Customer Support

Bitsgap has a well put together knowledge base on its platform that is helpful in a variety of cases. But when users run into issues that cause them to turn to the firm’s representatives, the platform comes through.

It offers email support through all its packages. Bitsgap also offers priority support for users who are on its Advanced or Pro plan. Users could open support tickets and have them responded to accordingly.

💸 Profitability

Given that the profitability ratio for trading bots always remains unpredictable, Bitsgap doesn’t make any promises to its users. It is a fair and understandable approach, which only adds more credibility to the platform.

With that being said, the Demo mode that is available on Bitsgap is great in terms of giving you a projection of what to expect. It lets you assess different strategies and see how profitable various mechanisms could turn out to be for you.

🤜 Results and Reports

If you want to know more about potential profit that Bitsgap bot can provide, feel free to read my regular reports. I am testing this bot with a real-money investment and share all of my results in my blog.

📢 Conclusion

Overall, Bitsgap remains quite an interesting service for anyone who is looking to manage their cryptocurrency trading through a single platform.

You might just find it appealing enough for it to be your primary bot tool and portfolio management service. Hope that this Bitsgap review will help you to make right decision.