When it comes to cryptocurrency investments, simply putting your money towards buying a few digital assets is not enough. You also need to make sure that you are doing all you can to manage your funds in an optimal way, so you can get the most out of your investment and actually earn some profits through your efforts.

For any investments in crypto, the best way to go about is through portfolio management tools. Instead of having to keep tabs on the fluctuating prices of your digital assets, these solutions allow you to track your investments in real time. As a result, you can make buying and selling decisions according to the latest market conditions, which helps you in preventing losses and making profit.

As a rule of thumb, ease of use, accessibility, and cost contribute to how helpful a solution is for your investment management needs. Together, these features help you keep track of your investments the way you want.

So which portfolio management solutions are bound to help you make the most out of your investments? Let’s look at the 5 best cryptocurrency portfolio tools to find out.


Established in 2015, Blockfolio is one of the most popular apps in crypto portfolio tracking. With an intuitive user-interface (UI), automated connectivity, and visual data analysis, the app makes it easy for you to keep tabs on your crypto investments.

The Blockfolio app is available to download from the App Store or Google Play, while also having the ability to be added to Slack. At the time of writing, the app collectively boasts of over 5 million downloads.

So what makes Blockfolio so interesting and so popular, you ask? Apart from its wide breadth of features, it is the fact that the app delivers its services absolutely free of charge.

But this commitment to offer its services without any service fee doesn’t make Blockfolio compromise on the quality of its features. With support for over 7,000 cryptocurrencies and automatic connectivity to over 300 exchanges, Blockfolio is one of the most advanced portfolio apps in the market.

Instead of having to enter your data manually, Blockfolio allows you to simply connect to your exchange accounts through their respective application programming interface (API). This way, your portfolio data gets updated automatically and without any manual intervention. This feature makes Blockfolio very easy to use.

When you pair this automatic connectivity with the app’s modern UI and helpful data visualization, it enhances your crypto investment experience to another level. Apart from this, the new Blockfolio Signal feature is also very helpful in allowing you to stay connected with the leadership team of coins that you might have invested in.


Launched in 2017, the Delta cryptocurrency tracking app allows you to track your investments through a user-friendly and visual-rich interface. The app comes laden with different features that make it easy for you to keep track of your digital assets in a way that doesn’t seem tedious or tiresome.

Delta is available for iOS and Android devices from the App Store or Google Play, respectively. It also lets you connect with over 300 major cryptocurrency exchanges through API to import and connect your crypto accounts with the app’s management engine. This lets you steer clear of manual data entry and allows you to stay up to date on your investments through a visual and immersive experience.

The Delta experience is mostly mobile-based, with limited features available through its website. With that being said, the ability to easily make your way through over 7,000 cryptocurrencies, their current value, and their impact on your profits and losses makes Delta a breeze to use in order to keep track of your digital assets.

The Delta app also lets you add custom coins manually that haven’t found their home in an exchange. This lets you track your investments in initial coin offerings (ICOs) or coins that are simply not listed through different markets. Other than that, you can also use the visual analysis tools to see the current standings of your investment including but not limited to asset split, location and source.

Delta comes in free and Pro versions, with the latter having some exclusive metrics, analysis and management features tied to it. The Pro subscription comes at different prices, with the price point usually ranging from $60-$80/per year depending upon your portfolio as well as your mobile OS.


CoinTracking has been operating since April 2013, but it started making waves in portfolio administration just a couple of years ago. The app is available through App Store and Google Play, while also being available in a web-based version through its official website. Across all iterations, the platform allows you to track your digital asset investments, profits and losses through real time reports. 

Perhaps the best feature of CoinTracking is its simplicity and intuitive UI. While it allows you to enter the information of your digital assets manually, it also lets you import information from over 70 cryptocurrency exchange accounts through CSV files and API integration (for paid subscriptions). This helps you automate the process of updating your portfolio, and makes it a breeze to manage your digital assets. You can also export your data easily to keep track of it through manual documents.

CoinTracking also stands out of the crowd due to its tax reporting feature. Once you enter your tax information, it allows you to manage how much funds you need to set aside for tax purposes. This feature is quite helpful during tax season, or just to streamline your investments throughout the year.

At the time of writing, CoinTracking has history charts for all 7212 coins. It has different pricing models, which start from a free account with a limit to track 200 transactions. But if you want more out of the service in terms of transaction tracking or features, then you can upgrade at any time.

CryptoCompare Portfolio

Launched in 2014, CryptoCompare started off as a website platform that allowed new and seasoned traders to gather information about crypto and related aspects under one umbrella. But in 2018, the company took the next step and launched CryptoCompare Portfolio to help traders track cryptocurrency investments in an easier way.

Today, CryptoCompare has become an easy yet effective way for traders to keep informed about the prices, value and status of their investments in the digital asset space. The tool is available on the App Store and Google Play, but it’s the Portfolio website that holds the center stage.

The overall UI of CryptoCompare Portfolio is easy to use and simple to comprehend. The tool allows you to keep track of all cryptocurrencies at their updated prices, while letting you sort through your own portfolio through different data visualization charts and graphs.

This way, you can get an understanding of different profit, loss and value factors by just glancing at the tool. Advanced features such as risk analysis and accounting for your portfolio make the CryptoCompare a powerful solution to use. 

The CryptoCompare stands apart from other app-based portfolio management solutions due to its emphasis on being a web-based tool that is just as accessible on its website as it is on mobile devices. This means that if you are one to find comfort in a traditional UI and would rather get your investment stats on your computer than your mobile device, then CryptoCompare will be the service for you.

With advanced stats and tracking features, CryptoCompare Portfolio is a must have if you want to enjoy tracking on the large screen.


Established in early 2019, CoinStats is a relative newcomer in the cryptocurrency tracking space. But in such a short time, the solution has gathered a large following due to its user-friendly features and use of latest technologies.

Much like most of the other platforms on this list, CoinStats allows you to either enter your investment data manually or import it by syncing with your exchange accounts. This gives you the freedom to select between automatic tracking and manual data entry.

CoinStats allows you to use these features through its website or through its mobile app that’s available to download from App Store and Google Play. Across these platforms, you can enter your account data to automatically sync your portfolio information from over 300 supported exchanges and over 7,000 cryptocurrencies. With live prices from over 100 exchanges and various reporting mechanisms, Coinstats makes it simpler than ever to track your cryptocurrency prices.

Perhaps the best feature of CoinStats is its UI. While the platform gives you all the information you need, it delivers it in a way that is impressively simple yet highly effective. Everything you require is laid out in an easy to understand fashion, which cuts the time it might take you to browse your way through other apps.

CoinStats provides its services through two plans, namely Starter and Planet. The Starter plan comes free of cost but has limitations such as the restriction to connect up to 2 exchange accounts. But the Planet plan which comes at $39.99/year provides you with the ability to track more than 2 exchange accounts.


While there are various cryptocurrency portfolio management tools, these solutions remain the most popular and widely used due to the features and benefits that they bring to the table.

With that being said, it is important that you do your due diligence and only select a tool that fits your needs and requirements the best. By doing so, you will be able to find a solution that seems tailor made to meet all your portfolio tracking needs perfectly.