Zenbot VS Gekko

There’s many different trading services that’s vying for your precious attention in the crypto environment. We know that there’s competition across the board in cryptocurrency. Users must choose between wallets, exchanges, and even augmented trading bot facilities.

This variety is certainly great for the user as each service must compete to provide the best experience possible. These providers are in a constant battle and the battle is for the mind, heart, and time of the consumer. This is where the fun is and it is something that should be appreciated by the consumer.

Today, we’ll take a look at two bot services in the free open source trading segment. What are they called? Zenbot and Gekko. We’ll want to not only look at their efficacy but also their price, interface, exchanges, support, and overall ease of use among other factors.

What Should You Know about Zenbot?

Zenbot is said to be a bit more sophisticated software application. It has components of natural language processing and communications applications. We know that the brand is one that is open source due to the way that it is set up and provided to the end consumer.

This open source system means that individuals have the ability to download the software library and make adjustments to the source code as they wish. That aspect is one that is compelling for many different users as it can help them have it their way.

Further, we are aware that Zenbot is about presenting a better navigational experience for the end user thus making it a more appealing product. Generally, we find that Zenbot is one that integrates a wide variety of digital assets.

Let’s dive a bit more into the specifics.

The Price of Zenbot

Remember that Zenbot is completely free. That is one of the many reasons why people may flock to this product. Further this product is created and distributed for personal use. Therefore, people will find out that it is free. To access the product, go to the Microsoft owned product, Github and find this specific codebase. Find it with a simple click or two.

Zenbot Interface

The interface can be off putting for some as it is a command line interface. But we can still see that people may find value with the interface because it helps them manage their digital assets in a simple manner.

It must be noted that one must get used to it first before realizing the value that it can bring. Similar to an iPhone or a Tesla car, once you understand the system, it can help to improve your trading life. But that is still something that can take some time.

Zenbot Exchanges

We know that this trading tool is one that will connect and work with at least nine acquisition and disposition platforms. That means it is compatible with more than a handful of exchanges. A few of these exchanges are Bittrex, GDAX, Gemini and even Kraken and Quadriga.

Zenbot Support

Users will find a wide variety of communities that would help and provide advice for the Zenbot platform. Reddit, the front page of the internet, is one community that has a pocket of community that engages in set up, utility, and further modifications and changes.

Overall Ease of Use

It may be more complex for the novice user. Remember that it is an open source application and although that is no excuse for a poor interface, we see that this is one that is lacking in simplicity. Ease of use is not very huge for this product and it is unlikely to change. A few users find it necessary to have a little grasp of programming to help make their experience a bit better.

General Zenbot Factors

One of the most compelling aspects of Zenbot may be the claim that it is all about advancing the trading game by inputting an artificial intelligence backend. The marketing materials also note that the application is able to participate in rather fast and frequent trading.

You can operate such a platform through MongoDB and Node.js as well.

Community Sentiment for Zenbot

The community has mixed reviews on this Zenbot and they are on the opposite sides. For instance, we see that there are those who’ve said this application has value while others have stated that this one does not have advanced technology like it claims.

What Should You Know about Gekko?

The Gekko platform offers an elegant solution to a wide variety of traders. The project initially came about because of an enthusiast by the name of Mike van Rossum. He decided that it would be interesting to create an application.

Further, if you dig into the project and the source code, you’ll find out that it has similar formatting to the languages of JavaScript. You will also notice that there are elements of the language of Node.js in the system as well.

The application caters to a wide range of exchanges that cryptocurrency enthusiast household names. A few of these names include prominent and controversial players such as Bitfinex and several others.

The Price of Gekko

As you might have guessed, the price of Gekko is completely free. That is correct. You do not have to pay even one red cent for the program. It is also an open source application making it one that users can easily access without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Even though it is free it promises to offer substantial value for users. You can find the product on github, a Microsoft owned code library and developer platform.

Users such as yourself will find that it is easy to download the program and install it for Windows and Mac. Make sure to realize that this application is indeed run through the command line and so you must get used to that. Once you do, you will find that you can navigate seamlessly.

Gekko Interface

There is a web interface but many find more value with the command line.

The interface is not like a paid service as it is command line based. That may, right off the bat, be less appealing, to a wide variety of people. But remember that this design can give you powerful features with simplicity.

Features that come with the Gekko bot will include backtesting, paper trading, and of course, automated bot capabilities. Remember that backtesting is where you are able to look at your strategies and view the yield or returns if applied from a historical standpoint.

Backtesting gives you some idea of profit making potential. Of course, it is something that is based on the past and not on the present or future. Backtesting essentially means that similar patterns from the past may be here in the present and in the future.

The application comes with paper trading where one can utilize an environment to test out trades in a practice setting. This means that they’d be able to test out strategies without losing any actual capital. This feature is very helpful for those who want to learn how to act and be in the real environment while having some experience. You can see how your strategies will work out. Make better decisions with this feature.

Support for plugins is also present within the application, making it easier for traders to customize it even further without having to do much of the coding work. The platform will calculate the losses and the gains and even offer chart options. Further, it will conduct live order deployment as well.

Gekko Exchanges

The application supports more than 15 exchanges and will include those such as Bitstamp and even Poloniex. You will have access to hubs that have liquidity and have a brand name. That is not a concern here.

Gekko Support

You can find support by navigating to the site or by posting questions on the Gekko github repository.

Overall Ease of Use

Users get used to the command line and then appreciate the simplicity offered after getting a grasp of the terminal. It may be challenging at first to navigate through the command line but it may prove to be worthwhile. Ease of use will vary based on your understanding of the command line.

The platform may improve the design and others may also better the user interface to make it easier to use.

General Gekko Factors

Factors you must be aware of include:

  • Import Data
  • Limit orders
  • Low frequency trading
  • Use Gekko for lower frequency of trades (recommendation is only several trades in each week).

Community Sentiment

Community sentiment for Gekko is much stronger as more people profess positive views toward the product.

Zenbot VS Gekko Conclusion

Generally people are more in favor of Gekko because of the way that it presents itself. The community has the sense that this product is more in life with being effective and will do what it says. Further, users feel safer with this product due to constant support and updates while it is not so with Zenbot.

Gekko even outperforms on exchanges supported and tries to improve regularly. Know that Gekko is only about Bitcoin while Zenbot supports a wider base of currencies.

Gekko is probably the best for those who want to start out and learn without having to take on significant risk while having access to a community on places such as discord.