Test Bots with no Investments

You want to become a crypto trader, but you don’t want to lose money. Good. That’s a great mindset. But how do you go about doing so in the financial markets? Well, in the traditional markets, a budding enthusiast can find practice environments such as Think or Swim by Ameritrade.

But how about the cryptocurrency? Further, how does this situation work with the possible different types of practice methods that are present within the markets today?

From paper to demo mode to the market simulator, there are a variety of ways to practice with your automated tools and see how these bots do in a practice environment with fake money.

These types of methods are amazing because they help you to save money and see real results without having to face significant losses in a real environment.

It is virtually risk-free and can help you become a better trader. Let’s find out more about these aspects such as a simulator, paper and demo mode.

🔎 Paper Trading, Demo and Market Simulator – All the Same?

The short answer is that they are all pretty much the same. Each of these functions let you carry out trading by letting you practice with fake funds in an environment that resembles a real crypto market environment.

Let’s take a look at each of the differences between each type of method and see how they can work to make a difference.

What is Paper Trading?

This is essentially where one would analyze the charts, choose a particular strategy, and then note the specific entry points. The trader would note the item purchased, the price point, and then they would also make sure to note the reasons for making said trade.

With a bot, this would take place in a more automated fashion. A trader in this paper method would have the ability to make as many detailed notes as they would, please, and the same would apply in the automated process.

Remember that the whole idea with paper testing is to track the entry point, the exit point, how it went, and how one should move forward in the future. The idea is to monitor, refine, and improve decision making processes throughout the trading situation.

The key distinction is that the trader is usually manually taking notes of the projects and the finalizations.

What is Demo Mode?

Demo is when a trader would access a brokerage platform, but instead of using no money, one would have a certain amount of fake money, and one would operate trades through the cryptocurrency demo account. The trader may have fake virtual funds of around $10,000, $20,000, $40,000, or whatever it may be depending on the platform of choice.

The beauty of the demo account is that it lets you act is you are trading real money in line with the market while seeing how are you doing as the days pass on.

Remember that it is a fake account, and any crypto gains you make are fake, as are the losses you incur within this method.

The critical difference between paper and demo accounts is that one feels more real and usually happens in real-time while the other not so much.

But why is the distinction important? Well, think about the trade fill and fulfillment. Just because you think you can make a trade at a specific price doesn’t mean that it is always possible.

With paper trading, you may not see how quickly you must move to seize an opportunity, whereas, with a demo, you can see how the markets work by inputting trades and seeing how it becomes fulfilled. It is a slight nuance, but it is something to pay attention to.

With paper method, you may also be selective in what you chronicle. You may note down the wins and not account for the losses, which doesn’t help you at all.

Market Simulator

The cryptocurrency market simulator is very identical to demo accounts and provides traders with a view of the markets with fake money. You can see and account for issues such as slippage with a demo account or a simulator.


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🔨 How Does Demo Mode Environment Work?

Simply said, a demo environment will take real orders and create an order book that you can play with fake funds. The user will usually navigate to their broker or third party platform, open an account, pick strategies, and play with fake money to see gains.

👨‍🎓 What Can You Learn From Crypto Paper Trading?

Frankly, you can learn much from paper practicing. You can understand your trading style, which trades work for you, and you can understand more about the markets and refine your strategies accordingly.

The process, when done right, lets you have detailed information on your logic and enables you to understand which actions are feasible and which ones may not be so feasible in the present and the future. Paper mode allows you to test out mechanics with minimal issues and, more importantly, zero real losses.

💡 Can You Rely on Market Simulator Results?

You can understand how well you can do from a simulator, but you can never be entirely confident of repeating the same results in a trading environment. Remember that the trends can change and perform differently, so traders must acknowledge that fact.

The market is not uniform and gyrates and moves around in various ways. Therefore, traders like yourself can understand how a market works without having to take on substantial risk.

🚀 You can also check my results section to see the setup process and profit amount that could be generated by a trading bot.

⌛ For How Long Should the Bot Be Tested in a Demo Before the Launch?

Remember that it is up to your level of comfort. These automated tools are ready to go and come with different reviews attesting to their level of quality. But most experts would recommend that you launch the bot in a demo mode to test the process, see how it works, and move forward accordingly to have the most positive impact on your portfolio.

You can implement the strategies and techniques you learn with the bot and get exceptional gains by understanding the whole strategy from top to bottom.

📢 Conclusion

Remember that testing automated bots in a paper trade or demo environment can pay off, especially if you are new to the world of trading. If a platform offers an opportunity to run its service in simulated environment, then don’t miss a chance to test out the strategies that you are not confident about.