When choosing an automated crypto bot, it’s important to realize that not every bot works on every exchange. So, when choosing a cryptocurrency trading bot, you should keep in mind that you might not be able to trade on your favorite exchange with every bot.

Each exchange has its own API keys available, and some smaller exchanges might not even have API keys at all, making rendering them useless to trading bots. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular exchanges that you might consider using and the bots which work on each of them.

If you have a favorite exchange, use one of the bots listed under its description in order to trade there using automated trading strategies.


Despite being a relatively new exchange, Binance has quickly become a crypto fan favorite. This is likely due to their fast order processing times, excellent security and stellar user experience. Binance has managed to become the top exchange by market cap, even though they were only founded in 2017.

Binanace is a popular exchange with a great reputation within the community. They control a huge amount of volume and are very popular with traders, whether they are using cryptocurrency trading bots or not.


Bitmex was founded in 2014, making them a rather long-lasting exchange in the cryptocurrency world, but their volume is not as big as other exchanges. This is likely because Bitmex is actually a little different than your average crypto exchange.

This particular exchange is more meant for trading cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies, such as the US dollar and Chinese Yuan. They operate a fairly popular derivatives market, and they handle a huge amount of Bitcoin trading volume.


This exchange was originally founded in 2014, and while it’s not quite as popular as it used to be, they do command a decent amount of volume. However, some people have been turned off to the exchange due to service issues, leaving them for greener pastures, like Binance.

Poloniex has also had some security scares in the past, but they actually dealt with them quite well and made efforts to return lost funds to their users, which earned them major points with the community for their transparency and commitment.


A Canadian exchange that went live in 2013, after two years of development and testing. It’s one of the oldest remaining cryptocurrency exchanges, and it’s still quite popular with many users.

While they do have more strict regulations than other markets, Kraken has also been a leader in crypto for some time. This includes being one of the first Bitcoin exchanges listed on Bloomberg’s terminal, advising the Japanese parliament on cryptocurrency regulation and opening their own dark pool for liquidity.


Originally founded in 2013, this was once one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. However, their level of service, verification crackdowns, and high fees caused many investors to jump ship to other options.

However, Bittrex is still reasonably popular, especially for some more obscure coins where Bittrex is their prominent, or sometimes even only market. This gives them an interesting place in cryptocurrency, even with newer and shinier exchanges constantly gobbling up market share.


Bitfinex was founded in 2012, and they continue to push significant volume in the cryptocurrency market. This is likely because they are one of the few exchanges which allow for margin trading.

This has created a great niche for them which many investors obviously want to take advantage of. They also allow for trading against several different fiat currencies, where competitors like Binance still only offer crypto-based pairs.


Launched in 2017, Kucoin became an overnight success, quickly gulping up market share. This was thanks to their user-friendly interface, low transaction fees, and secure platform, which kept investors funds safe.

Kucoin also gives investors the benefit of paying dividends on holdings if you’re a fan of their native token, and offering other incentives to traders who use their exchange. They run an extremely popular exchange, and the trading volume here is excellent.


Bitstamp was founded in 2011, and at one time they were one of the most popular exchanges in the world. While they no longer command quite as much volume as they once did, they still have a fair amount of trading volume and are still popular with traders.

They experienced some major security issues and bumps early on, but that has helped them to grow into a more secure exchange with a heavy focus on security. Bitstamp is also fully regulated within their home country.

Coinbase Pro

Originally founded in 2012, Coinbase grew from a quiet little startup to a monstrous force who couldn’t keep up with their account influx at the height of crypto madness. The reason being that they were one of the only on ramps at the time for United States citizens to purchase cryptocurrencies for fiat dollars.

Now, more of a household name, Coinbase manages to command a user base of 20 million, and while their trading volume has cooled off after the crypto hype died down, they continue to be one of the largest fiat to crypto hubs in the United States.


Established in 2015, Gemini is spearheaded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, also known as the Winklevoss twins who helped form the idea of Facebook. While the cryptocurrency exchange was established just half a decade ago, it has gone on to become a highly reputable platform – especially for U.S. traders.

Gemini trades in a very limited number of major cryptocurrencies, but it has some of the best security mechanisms in the sector. Its compliance with available U.S. regulations and smooth user experience also add to its fame. It is also easy to use with various trading bots, which makes it a popular choice among new and experienced traders.


HitBTC exchange was founded initially in 2013, and it was one of the first options which allowed traders to use APIs, making it popular with earlier automated crypto trading strategies.

However, the exchange has faltered in recent years, and with a plethora of customer service complaints, many traders have abandoned it. However, they do still offer some useful tools and a large amount of trading volume that many traders will want to take advantage of.


This Singapore-based exchange was first founded in 2013 now processes a billion dollars in trades per day. Huobi offers 24/7 customer support, unmatched platform security, access to a wide range of different assets and a huge amount of liquidity.

They’re a popular choice for trading bot software, and their liquidity makes it easy to execute trades quickly and for a fair price.


A Russian exchange founded in 2014, Yobit offers an interesting opportunity to invest in a huge number of under the radar assets. There’s a ton of trading volume here, but also a lot of pump and dump activity to get caught up in.

However, if you’re looking to make a lot of tiny gains on many trades, then this is a solid choice. They don’t require any personal information, and it’s easy to set up shop here to perform automated trading strategies and take advantage of their large volume.


Only having been founded in 2017, Okex has managed to capture a large amount of market share. They offer a lot more features than most other cryptocurrency exchanges, including margin trading and futures trading which makes them stand out in the way of features.

However, they also offer exceptional customer service, a large amount of trading volume, and index tracking, which allows to trade a portfolio of tokens or coins in one transaction, something very unique to crypto niche.


The Japanese hub of cryptocurrency activity is one that is noteworthy for its many different altcoins. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts appreciate Liquid because it has a stellar reputation, it goes by the book, and it provides them with a compelling, safe, and easy to use trading solution.

It respects the authorities that are present within Japan and makes certain to abide all of the regular laws put in place. That means that you do not have to worry about potential suspicious activity by the founders or operators of the firm.

You can rest easy knowing that Liquid exists to provide great digital asset trading experience with crypto to crypto and even fiat oriented options.


Cex.io was founded in 2013, this exchange has been a long time favorite for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Unfortunately, their trading volume has taken a dive, and they don’t command as much of the market as some of the other exchanges on the list.

They do however offer some great features, including margin trading, great liquidity, low fees, DDoS protection, and a great security track record. This alone could make them a great choice for an automated trading strategy depending on your desired assets.


Exmo exchange first launched in 2013. They have excellent volume and great features for traders. This includes the fact that they actually encourage bot trading, and they’ve got super fast order processing.

Their commissions are quite reasonable and they have a very secure operation. All of which is important for automated trading strategies. Their platform is also very easy to use, and the layout is excellent.


Based in the tropical country of Indonesia, Indodax is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that came about due to popular demand and intense need in the Asian region. The appetite for cryptocurrency assets continues to remain supreme and so the creators of this exchange decided to cater to and fulfill that demand.

The leaders of the entity were right, there are more than two million members present on the site for a few reasons. Indodax is trustworthy, reliable, efficient, and meets the needs of its users. It supports several coins ranging from bitcoin to more obscure ones such as Theta XFinnetwork. Use Indodax for simplicity, security, and streamlined service for your digital asset needs.


Established in early 2018, ByBit is one of the quickly rising digital asset derivatives speculation hubs present in the world today. The firm boasts of more than one million verified users and focuses on customer-obsession policies, where they strive to give legitimate, intelligent, and simple speculation experiences for all of their customers quickly. ByBit is dedicated to emulating principles of transparency, efficiency, and continuous support for those that frequent their digital asset trading entity.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts appreciate the fact that ByBit offers perpetual contracts for bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, and even the EOS platform. If you’re seeking derivatives trading, it is hard to go wrong with ByBit and its smart trading system, liquidity, depth of insight, and pleasant experience.


Bitpanda is a respectable entity because it comes with a pleasant service offering, extra fast transactions, and a cost-effective alternative to several divestment and acquisition platforms. The leaders at Bitpanda continue to be involved in the community and have a generally solid reputation ever since they came out with this solution in 2014.

People appreciate the fact that they come about a long time before most people started taking bitcoin seriously. Further, the community generally speaks highly of the exchange and notes positive comments and posts about the company and its overall service.

The entity is a secure option for those who are just starting their journey in the cryptocurrency sector and for those who are experts in the sector. But there is one problem that many people see within this space for this company; the lack of support for a broad base of countries. As such, you will want to make sure that they support your country before moving forward with the firm.

Besides that small issue, the firm is one that can be a great fit for your cryptocurrency and precious metals speculation needs in the present in and in the long-run. The firm continues to innovate and prioritize the customer in the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency price cycle.


FTX is an entity that came about in 2019. Two leaders by the name of Sam Bankman and Gary Wang came up with the idea to launch this service. The chief executive officer and the chief technology officer continue to collaborate and run the service to achieve their dreams. The firm is interested in creating a platform that is by traders for traders as they want to create the best experience for all people who seek to speculate.

It is one company that seeks to offer more services that create a better environment for speculators to take advantage of deep liquidity, security, and transparency as it hopes to stay for the long-term. FTX wants to prolong and empower more investors to come into the sector, gain value, and help the system to grow more.

People appreciate FTX because it has founders and leaders who care about the entity and the overall experience. They draw on their expertise and background to let people speculate, borrow, and earn via their headquarters in Hong Kong. You can notice that FTX has fiat and cryptocurrency pairings as well as a slew of features and options that investors will love as they go about their trading journeys.


Bithumb is an entity within the cryptocurrency space that has been around for quite some time. The firm is known for being one of the leaders in the Asian digital asset sector and is one that continues to exist to this very day.

It has certainly seen its fair share of trouble from hacks to getting its act in order from a regulatory standpoint. But it is still one entity that many speculators within the digital currency sector have to come to respect, love, and use regularly. Bithumb continues to innovate regularly and provide massive value for its growing user base and ensures to stay regulated, secure, and in line with its customers


Gate.io is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates the transfer between different parties and digital assets. The firm started around 2013 and has stayed true to its audience since then. It offers streamlined features, has a good reputation, and serves as an alternative to the large crypto firms within the sector.

The exchange has a simple design, has grand ambitions to carve out a piece of the digital asset sector by bringing about a variety of tokens, and showcasing more new cryptocurrency projects. It is present in English and Chinese and offers leading digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and scarce assets.


Deribit is a Netherlands-based entity that has a primary focus on crypto financial derivatives such as options and futures trading methods. Did you know that you are not able to conduct regular minute-to-minute trading on this exchange? Do you know why that is so? They will only cater to those that are seeking to dive into crypto derivatives.

This is one entity that will provide over 90x leverage when speculating with BTC futures an astounding level of leverage within the trading world. Sure, there are others that will offer a great deal of leverage but Deribit is one of the leaders.

It is becoming a trusted, reliable and credible exchange overall. People appreciate the fact that it has a fantastic user interface and a great overall value. Deribit is unregulated but it will ensure to stay in line with regulators in many areas. It is a phenomenal exchange for those who appreciate derivatives and streamlined bot trading.


Bibox is an entity that seeks to facilitate digital asset exchanges. It is a firm that came about in 2017 and uses artificial intelligence complex algorithms to enhance the best trades and asset movement. It runs because it is powered by various technologically oriented experts in the domains of cryptocurrency, security, and blockchain.

Bibox only came around in 2017 but it does have a growing audience and will likely seize more market share as the firm fine-tunes its systems and brings in more compelling features. The Bibox team includes people from other large entities such as Huobi, OKCoin, and other competent experts. It does seem to be a trustworthy exchange as it provides further value and has the proper security measures in place.


Based out of the British Virgin Islands, BitZ is a seasoned cryptocurrency exchange that has been running its operations since 2016. As of early 2021, BitZ is providing its services through its branches in 10 countries. The exchange offers over 200 trading pairs in over 140 active currencies, which makes its extensive services stand out of the crowd.

BitZ offers its services in 6 languages, including English, Japanese, and Russian. The exchange also offers 24/7 online customer support and lets its users benefit from an easy-to-use interface, quick trading, and efficient transfers. If you are looking to connect a trading bot to a reliable exchange, BitZ can be a good choice if it fits your overall specifications.


Coinbene has been around for several years as this Singaporean exchange was founded in 2017. It seeks to continue to create an overall ecosystem for regular consumer access and storage of cryptocurrency assets. Its digital platform enables security and stability in a crypto trading process by combining distributed technology infrastructure with best-in-class experts to present a fantastic whole platform.

From overall multi-layer defense to supporting many different languages, the firm ticks many of the boxes for customers. Finally, it also lets people take advantage of regular customer support and helps individuals to get in and out of cryptocurrency movements from digital assets to government-issued currencies.

The Rock Trading

Established in 2011, The Rock Trading asset facilitator is an entity that will enable you and other digital asset enthusiasts to purchase and divest cryptocurrency seamlessly and simply. While it is now resting on the shores of the wonderful country of Italy, it is one that has been lasting for quite a while. It will cater to those in the EU and some other locations as well.

It does not have the most widespread reach like other people but it is very useful for those who appreciate an entity that has specific options and that can cater to their various needs. You can find that this entity will accept trading bots and will encourage users to get started on its platform if they hail from the right countries. Remember that United States citizens are not allowed on it.


Bitvavo is pleased to be one of the more prominent exchanges in the continent of Europe and is one that will likely last due to its structure and overall set up. It may surprise a few individuals but the firm came about in 2018. The founders of the entity wanted to ensure that it was able to present a bridge between what it perceives as the old world and the new world of cryptocurrencies.

Bitvavo is certainly an extensive firm as it offers its different pairs of crypto to those in the European continent. One can find support, benefits, and streamlined interfaces as one utilize this platform. The aspects of seamless transfers also make a difference. But one of the most compelling aspects is that it is a technology-driven entity. You can connect bots to this exchange to have automated transactions that take place regularly.


As the U.S. arm of popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Binance.us works in accordance with U.S. laws and regulations in regard to financial asset exchange, management, and handling.

Through its operations, Binance.us provides its users with access to buy and sell a variety of popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Etherum, Tether and its own native token BNB. In addition to accepting fiat currency transactions, the exchange is also known for its low fees for advanced traders who participate in spot trading.

Binance.us was founded in 2019 and currently provides services across the U.S., except for states where it is not authorized to operate as of yet. At the time of writing, these include Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Texas, Vermont, and New York.


Crypto.com exchange is a digital asset entity that was founded in 2016. The firm has over 40 million users, has decentralized finance operations, and a wide variety of options that meet your digital asset needs. It enables you to buy and sell, trade with bots, spend with a visa metal credit card, grow, speculate in DEFI, and participate in an ecosystem.

It has been able to have a strong reputation, establish a global presence, and have various partners across the globe. If you are looking for an established digital asset entity that offers services for retail and institutional investors alike, this entity can be a viable option.


Of course, you shouldn’t just run out and pick up the first crypto trading bot that works with your exchange of choice either! It’s important to remember that an automated bot will have access to your exchange account to trade on your behalf.

There have been several instances where APIs were stolen and used to orchestrate pump and dump schemes. In order to get a better understanding of the trustworthiness of specific bots, it’s a good idea to read our in-depth reviews to help you choose your trading software.