You want to go ahead and bring about the right profits when you are trading. Traders like you will not mess around and hope for potential successful trades. This is because you don’t want to hope for a consistent income. Professional traders prioritize their time and resources to get the right returns. Cryptocurrency traders must then evolve and use better tools and services to improve their returns.

One way to do that is by purchasing and divesting crypto assets by the use of robot augmented tools. Crypto enthusiasts can get better and reach their goals by looking at opportunities to increase their portfolio with the use of bot options.

The truth is why wouldn’t you improve your life by looking at smarter ways to do things? The right programs offer these opportunities and allow you to live a better life.


Well a few of these, when they mesh with your strategies, can run on autopilot and trade with you. You don’t have to always be near your computer to make the trades yourself. It does it by itself. That’s why many cryptocurrency buying and selling professionals may turn to these programs to streamline their lives.

It is always great to have a helper that can bring about better results without you having to always manage it.

The more you are able to rely on them, the better it may be in the long run. But you must always make sure that these tools and applications are viable for each different trading platform.

Okex is one such exchange that does support cryptocurrency trading bots helping you bring about more value. Let’s find out more about Okex and its interaction with these speculation tools.

Are You allowed to Use Bots on OKEx?

The first point is that you must understand that OKEx is something that does allow for the use of trading tools.

The cryptocurrency facilitator does indeed support these solutions for traders who desire it.

We know that the operation accepts these services because they know that they must stay legitimate and competitive with the other brands that also accept and support automated trading. This Malta based exchange must make sure to study the market and become sophisticated.

The firm continues to grow their base and they also will cater to their current sophisticated practitioners. As such they will let more customers connect to it by using the right software tools and improve their automated speculation capabilities.

The firm has a comprehensive application programming interface (API) so that the right traders can connect to the exchange with their bots or third party tools.

Do You Need to Download Special Software on OKEx?

The short answer is no. We don’t need to download and install any software on OKEx to support the right bots to automate speculation activities.

It is up to you. If you want to have the bot installed and running on your PC, then you can do it.

But there are service providers out there that will support the right automated buying and selling opportunities via cloud based options. You do not need to opt in for a virtual private server for this activity as cloud service providers are there for you.

These cloud options make the process better because you can just sign up, connect your OKEx account and then proceed.

Are OKEx Trading Bots Safe?

While OKEx will make sure that it can always do the best for their customers, remember that it is not providing you automated speculation tools from its exchange. Remember that OKEx supports the activity by providing you with the infrastructure but it is third party services that will offer the automated speculation bots.

You must do your own vetting process for the tools that you may use.

Remember to make sure that you want to always look for those applications that never ask you for withdrawal credentials. You are the only one that should withdraw from your account. Not anyone else.

Look for bots that avoid this aspect and search for tools that will only seek to take on trading activities.

Are There Any Free OKEx Bots?

Sure there are OKEx bots that you can turn to that may be free. Remember that they are not offered by OKEx but by other platforms. Further, not a lot of their party platforms will offer their services for free.

There are open-source tools that will provide you with trading capabilities for free. You must search and high and low for this option because you will want to look for great visuals and the right execution.

How Much Money Do I Need to Start?

The amount of money you will need to start trading on OKEx will vary based on what you want to do in the crypto world. For instance, those that want to create a better life, they’ll want to devote more funds and resources to this activity. They would want to make sure that they are taking it seriously and looking for bigger returns.

Further, OKEx has trading fees like a taker fee, maker fee, and a withdrawal fee. That’s why you must make sure that you are accounting for each different portion of costs.

The fact is that you have to account for the type of gains that you want while also realizing that there are costs involved to transact. This means that you must account for trading related costs such as losses that you may incur while also realizing that there are other costs.

The firm does have levels for their fees as well so you want to get acquainted with that comprehensive information.

Of course, you will also want to make sure that you have the right type of funds to account for the speculation bot cost as well.

Are There Any Unique Pairs to Trade With the Bot on OKEx?

 OKEx offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency options. Find out about them here.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • XRP
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • OKB
  • EOS
  • ETH Classic
  • Bitcoin SV

There’s a variety of options and pairs include USD, OKB, and other crypto assets.

You also have pairings between bitcoin and alts, in addition to ETH pairings and DAI/BTC, DAI/ETH.


Overall, OKEx is a wonderful exchange for bot trading. It does offer a wide variety of opportunities for users. It’s got a strong brand and it does have amazing security options that let you feel comfortable regularly trading.

Try out the exchange when you are considering different facilitators to purchase and sell items.