Last week I told you that I will be making a final report once my balance hits the 0.5 BTC threshold on my Bitsgap bot trading account. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that time has come! We have hit our target amount for this testing and even more. The balance last week was at 0.484 BTC. The current balance I have right now is 0.517 BTC and I am very happy with the results during this whole bot testing campaign.

The trading volume for the last 30 days on the account has hit a new high as well. That only means one thing, the bots were working as intended and they were making a lot of trades. More trades equals more profit!

Now, of course, all of you would really want to see how the bots performed during this final stretch. The first thing that I can say is that almost all of them are showing 0% in unrealized profits. That means most of the pairs were trading well within the corridor and all the altcoins have been sold for Bitcoin. 

Sure, there are still a couple of bots that have some unrealized profit. No worries though since the profits from those bots will surely cover the unrealized margin. This only leads to one thing, it is the perfect time to close all of the bots and reap those profits while incurring no losses at all!

The Fine Details

Now let’s delve into the fine details of the Bitsgap bot performance. For sure all of you would want to know which of the pairs performed the best and made the most amount of money. Well sit back and relax since I will be listing all of the bots in the order of the most recent ones up until the pairs that have done well from the get-go, which means I never had to replace them or tinker with their settings that much.

I will be listing the duration of days the bots have been running on the account, starting with the least amount of days and end up to the ones that have been running the longest.

Life span: 12 days


  • Investment: 0.021776 BTC
  • Final profit: +12.1%


  • Investment: 0.04499613 BTC
  • Final profit: +2.02%


  • Investment: 0.04297566 BTC
  • Final profit: +5.39%

Life span: 74 days


  • Investment: 0.03116828 BTC
  • Final profit: 10.16% – 8.95% = +1.21%

Life span: 99 days


  • Investment: 0.02047514 BTC
  • Final profit: +32.45%

Life span: 102 days


  • Investment: 726.21 USDT
  • Final profit: +6.63%


  • Investment: 0.01371168 BTC
  • Final profit: +30.56%

Life span: 140 days


  • Investment: 0.0201116 BTC
  • Final profit: +43.63%

Life span: 151 days


  • Investment: 0.037538 BTC
  • Final profit: +81.11%

Life span: 215 days


  • Investment: 0.02563098 BTC
  • Final profit: 28.45% – 3.05% = 25.4%


  • Investment: 0.02620898 BTC
  • Final profit: +23.51%


  • Investment: 0.02549068 BTC
  • Final profit: +80.41%


  • Investment: 0.02096918 BTC
  • Final profit: 50.31% – 0.15% = +50.16%


  • Investment: 0.02639684 BTC
  • Final profit: 29.62% – 7.51% = +22.11%


  • Investment: 0.02913719 BTC
  • Final profit: +30.05%

As you can see, I only have three pairs that have been running for less than a month. Those pairs are NEO, LINK, and ZRX. Even though they have been running for less than a month, I am still happy with how they turned out since they still came out positive. And the best part is, none of those pairs have any unrealized profits on it!

Aside from those three pairs that have been running for less than a month, the majority of the bots have been running for a little over 2 months. The most steady pairs I have are the ones that have been running for 7 months, which means they have been running since the beginning of this journey! I do have 6 pairs that were pretty stable from the start, and these are XRP, XMR, GNT, STORJ, XLM, and EOS.

Now, for my best performers, these are POWR, GNT, and STORJ! These three have made me a lot of profit over these past half a year with the POWR and GNT pairs almost doubling the amount of BTC I invested in. 

The Aftermath

So where do we go from here? Since I already closed all of the bots and have already hit the target, just like I promised, I will be trying a new experiment on a different bot trading service. Most likely it will be the TradeSanta tool. I will announce the details of the experiment soon.

However since my Bitsgap subscription is still running, I will be grabbing the opportunity and reinvesting 0.1 BTC each on the three pairs that were the MVP of this experiment. I will be running the POWR/BTC, GNT/BTC and STORJ/BTC pairs again since they were my best performers. 

This way it will be way easier for me to monitor the account and adjust the settings if needed. I’ll be crossing my fingers and hope that these altcoins continue to make profits for me. Who knows, I might be able to double my investment on these three altcoins!

You can always check the performance of all my current bots in real-time using this link: