Gimmer Bot Review

We’re always looking for new augmented tools that contribute to our trading experience. The cryptocurrency industry is certainly a crowded industry that is quickly evolving. It is in your best interest to pay attention to the growth of the industry and adopt new trends.

Always optimize reputation and function when you’re progressing in this trading journey. A few automated bot solutions can help grow your portfolio if you use the right parameters. One of these bots is Gimmer, an interesting application that you may want to check out.

What is Gimmer and How Long Has It Been in Business?

The application seems to come from founders in Brazil. Gimmer is one platform that has been around since 2017. The firm is one that had the opportunity to do an Initial Coin Offering. It seems as if they have been in business for more than two years now.

Thankfully, it’s been one that has kept up with the industry and used its investment interest to go and allocate capital effectively. There’s a product, certain visibility, and general marketing for the product.

You can download it for Windows, Linux, OSX, and other versions. But the real question is what is Gimmer bot and is it worth your time?

The firm is focused on creating an interesting and exciting decentralized trading facilitator that is present within the crypto market at this very moment. Speculators will be happy to know that there’s sufficient progress in that the tool has sophisticated trading aspects, in addition to smarter technologies such as artificial intelligence that helps in bringing about potentially smarter results in the Gimmer platform.

Further, the creators ensure simplicity in the product to encourage use, growth and general adoption. This way they focus on the general audience instead of just catering to more experienced speculators.

That’s an important distinction, the firm that brings about really simple but amazing functionality will be a winner in this sector.

Further, the firm is differentiating by collaborating with different entities and people within the sector to create phenomenal artificial intelligence oriented augmented speculation solutions.  Leaders at the project note that they only want to focus on cryptocurrency asset trading as they believe they can serve the market best in that manner.

Similar to other platforms, it also makes it to where one does not need to possess programming capabilities to succeed in the field. One sets up the application and connects it to a speculation hub then the product will use its existing knowledge and augmented brain to take actions as a representative for the said user, within the design of the user and expectations.

They understand that it is essential to cater to those that want to minimize their interaction with computer screens or devices regularly.

One interesting aspect of the feature is that they claim to operate all aspects via the blockchain and peer to peer ownership structure. They continue to work on their artificial intelligence engine to create a better solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


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💡 How Reputable is Gimmer?

Remember that Gimmer is still fairly new but you can still some semblance of popularity. The firm has a presence on Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Medium, bitcointalk, linkedin, and Twitter.

You’ll notice that platform engages as much it can and is transparent across different mediums. They have 84 members on Reddit, over 3,700 followers on Twitter, and they engagement on other medias too.

They tweet sporadically and interact on other mediums in the same manner. We see that they are active but not active as other platforms like cryptocurrency hubs probably.

👌 Which Exchanges Does Gimmer Support?

At the time of piece of literature, Gimmer bot supports a number of cryptocurrency facilitators, which are mentioned below:

In addition to Poloniex, Bitfinex, BitMEX and other exchanges.

Remember that you will need to set up an account with the firm and then proceed with the next steps to avail the service.

💰 How Much Does Gimmer Cost?

Gimmer comes in different pricing models.

Hold to Use

Remember that they also have an option that they call hold-to-use. Where, if you buy their tokens, you can have access to their services.

One Month

You get zero discounts.

More than 20 days of VPS. You are able to receive more than 400 GMRS.

You get to avail six different strategies with this initial option and have capital security options.

It costs 25 dollars per month.

Three Months

If you opt for this one you can get a five percent discount and get over 2 months of VPS. You can get more than 900 GMRs. You can avail similar strategies and security features for your capital.

You get charged about $71.25 per quarter.

Six Months

You can get a ten percent discount.

More than 8 months of VPS and more than 1200 GMRs.

You have all of the features present in the prior packages with a cost of $135/semester.

One Year

Finally, there’s the one year option where you can access the service for the duration of that year. Possess 2000 GMRs. Get a fifteen percent discount. Pay $255 on a yearly basis.

😎 How Easy to Use is Gimmer?

The platform is simple to use and everyone can avail the service. They don’t need to have technical or trading knowledge, they just need to have the will to start participating in the cryptocurrency asset sector.

Gimmer aims to strive to make it simple and feasible from a time standpoint for users to jump in and get started without being confused on any specific point in the process. They know that if they do so, they can be much better off overall.

Many are in favor of the institution and the product as well. They note that they can navigate and adventure with the tool without any flagrant issues.

You can find a plethora of resources on the Gimmer site to help you if required. They also have a chat feature and support feature where you can connect with a member of the team if need be.

⚙️ What Settings are Available?

Gimmer lets you partake in exchange, margin trade, scalper, spread, portfolio, code editor and stop of financial damages, and one more additional aspect.

There’s a variety of options where you can customize and tap into strategies present on the platform.

👨‍💻 How Good is Gimmer Customer Support?

They offer support in various ways through reddit, telegram, and even a live chat function on their site.

💸 How Profitable is Gimmer?

The profits will vary based on the nature of the market and your chosen parameters. They do not promise profits. They offer a trading tool that you can use.

Stay cautious and allocate capital efficiently and securely.

📢 Conclusion

Try out the program and get to know it. You might like it. Remember profits depend upon you and your interaction with parameters and strategies. It is hands off but not fully. Have fun trading!