Jet-Bot Review

There are various automated cryptocurrency bots that allow you to trade without frequent manual intervention. But not all of them can stand their own against real-world testing. Some of these programs don’t perform according to expectations, while others take a long time for you to put together a profitable strategy.

That’s where Jet-Bot comes in. As one of those crypto bots that let you copy trade through the strategies of successful traders, it offers you to become an investor rather than a trader.

As a result, you can make cryptocurrency trades through strategies that come tried and tested with months of optimization behind them. But if you want to create your own strategies, the platform lets you do that too.

Sounds interesting? It’s because it definitely is. To see what Jet-Bot brings to the table, here’s a review of this trading bot as well as the critical functions that it has to offer.

⌛ What is Jet-Bot and How Long Has It Been in Business?

Jet-Bot is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that lets you trade crypto assets through pre-set and customizable bots. This trading is available through spot and futures markets in both short and long strategies.

This ensures that you don’t have to keep your eyes glued to your computer screen in order to benefit from favorable market conditions while buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Since the bot can continue working after being set up, you can see it function on its own according to your selected strategies. Whenever the market triggers a condition that matches your strategy, the bot can immediately buy or sell your desired cryptocurrency. This helps you make potentially profitable trades that can work wonders in improving your trading revenue.

Jet-Bot was launched in 2020. In just around a year, it has amassed a noticeable following by many cryptocurrency traders. One of the primary reasons behind this gradual yet certain rise in popularity is its distinct branding as well as its participation in the Binance Broker program, which lets the platform stand apart from many other competitors.

✔️ How Reputable is Jet-Bot?

As compared to more popular cryptocurrency bots, Jet-Bot is a newer platform with just a year under its belt. But despite its relative infancy in the cryptocurrency industry, the bot has risen in terms of popularity over the past year.

One of the main reasons behind Jet-Bot’s consistently improving reputation is its partnership with Binance. This partnership comes through the Binance Broker program, which allows Jet-Bot to hold certain advantages over many other cryptocurrency bots that lack this distinction.

For Jet-Bot, these benefits include perks such as a cut of the associated Binance trading fee that is generated by the activity of Jet-Bot users. For users of the platform, this translates to features such as the creation of new Binance Broker accounts through Jet-Bot with a single click.

Another growing reason behind the popularity of Jet-Bot is the unprecedented amount of video testimonials that it has gathered on YouTube. This has also influenced the sentiment of many traders in the crypto community, especially those who have ventured into this sector only recently. As a result, considering that Jet-Bot is a newer venture with quite some distance to go, it has definitely built a noticeable status for itself.

🤝 Which Exchanges Does Jet-Bot Support?

Jet-Bot only supports Binance through its trading bot program. This means that if you have an account on another exchange, you will need to create a separate account on Binance in order to benefit from Jet-Bot and its offerings.

This restriction may drive you away if you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating yet another account on an exchange, no matter how popular it might be. But in order to ease your frustration and possibly dissipate it completely, Jet-Bot offers that you can open an account with Binance in one click as long as you use Jet-Bot for the Binance Broker account creation process.

This somewhat sweetens the offer. In order to elevate the benefit further and compensate for the lack of exchange offerings, Jet-Bot also mentions that you can leverage “higher synch speed” through the Binance application programming interface (API). This particular advantage seemingly doesn’t have functional benefits because many other cryptocurrency bots work fine without it. But Jet-Bot is adamant about this feature working wonders for your trading experience.

💰 How Much Does Jet-Bot Cost?

Jet-Bot offers a 3-day trial of its services to show you how it works in real-time. This Demo version is available without any charges or taking any payment details such as your credit card information from your end. The Demo comes with a hands-on experience of the Jet-Bot web app as well as its associated features. This allows you to make an informed decision regarding your Jet-Bot purchase.

Jet-Bot comes with four pricing packages, with each of them boasting different features. All packages are billed annually. All accounts come with a web-app interface and trailing take profit feature.

The details of these offerings are outlined below.

Binance Broker

Monthly Charges: $7.99

This account has no spot trading bots or exchange accounts. Instead, it has a Binance Broker account and a Futures bot.

  • 1 Futures bot
  • 1 Binance Broker account
  • Regular API speed priority
  • Leverage x20


Monthly Charges: $27

This account comes with a cryptocurrency spot trading both as well as an exchange connection.

  • 1 Spot bot
  • 1 Futures bot
  • 1 Exchange connection
  • Regular API speed priority
  • Leverage x20


Monthly Charges: $41

This doubles the amount of cryptocurrency bots and exchange connections from the previous tier of Beginner. It also increases the leverage.

  • 2 Spot bots
  • 2 Futures bots
  • 2 Exchange connections
  • Regular API speed priority
  • Leverage x30


Monthly Charges: $62

This is the most enhanced account that comes with many bots, connections, and increased leverage.

  • 10 Spot bots
  • 10 Futures bots
  • 10 Exchange connections
  • Maximal API speed priority
  • Leverage x50 increased to x125 with the request
  • Martingale multiplier
  • Telegram VIP success manager

👉 How Easy to Use is Jet-Bot?

One of the finest features of Jet-Bot comes in the form of its ease of use. The cryptocurrency bot program doesn’t need to be installed on a computer and instead remains accessible through a web application. This makes sure that you don’t have to go through intricate measures or age-old mechanisms to install an app on your computer even when it’s for trading purposes.

Instead, you can easily use a web browser from any computer to log in to your account and check its status, while also being able to modify your strategy at your convenience.

Apart from this no-installation requirement and instant setup through the web, Jet-Bot also has a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it incredibly easy to use. In addition to this helpful and user-friendly design, the bot also offers helpful articles as well as tutorial videos that let you set up and use your Jet-Bot with the utmost ease.

Through its helpful navigation and features, Jet-Bot also lets you modify and fine-tune your new bots like it is a walk in the park. But if you don’t want to tweak a strategy all by yourself, you can copy a strategy from an existing trader who is willingly sharing their bot with other users on the platform. This method is called copy trading.

Copy-trading may also classify you as an investor instead of a simple user. This means that you will be leveraging the expertise of the traders who have proved their mettle on Jet-Bot with Binance trading. This allows you to simply earn your profit without having to get into convoluted mechanisms.

🛡️ What Kind of Security is Offered?

Jet-Bot offers industry security standards that use the protection of API keys. This usage of API keys allows the bot to access your Binance account without having to use your login or password. Instead, it connects to the backend of the exchange and connects to your wallet in order to make trades. This saves you from exposure to unauthorized withdrawals.

Jet-Bot also users its web application on a secure server, which encrypts your exchanged data. It also uses Telegram to give you access to bot creation, setting modification, and trading reports through mobile. But given that Telegram is a highly secure communication app, this gives you yet another layer of security.

❓ How Good is Jet-Bot Customer Support?

Jet-Bot’s customer support is excellent, to say the least. The platform has a detailed support section that gives you answers to basic as well as advanced questions. With it, it also offers a variety of videos that can serve as tutorials or introductory talks to new cryptocurrency users.

You can also contact the Jet-Bot team through a ticket submission service. This ticket is usually answered within a few hours. But if you need urgent support from the community’s experience, you can log in to the Telegram live chat channel that is there for just that purpose.

💸 How Profitable is Jet-Bot?

Jet-Bot makes profitability claims by gathering the data of those traders who are comfortable in sharing it publicly. This information is available in the form of trading bots created by the traders.

As of February 2021, one of the top-performing bots on Jet-Bot has reported a total profit increase of +10,756.19%. Another high-performing bot has posted a total increase of +8,485.63%. Whereas, others have posted profits ranging from +2,263.82% to +8,485.63%.

This shows that with the right strategies, Jet-Bot does have the potential to offer high profits to you and your cryptocurrency funds. However, you should still make an informed decision and only trade with funds that are not from your financial safety net.

📌 Conclusion

Jet-Bot remains an easy to use cryptocurrency bot program that is set apart by its copy trading mechanisms. Whether you are trying to generate passive income by following successful traders or focusing on making some revenue by trying out different strategies, you can look into Jet-Bot and what it has to offer.

To make a beneficial decision, you can go ahead with the 3-day trial that gives you the leeway to see the trading bot up close. Afterward, you can determine whether the bot is the right fit for you.