It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that cryptocurrency has revolutionized modern financial markets like nothing else in the past few decades.

Through its mechanisms, the digital asset market has taken age-old trading approaches and turned them into modern strategies. Automated bots are a prime example of how conventional models are being used in this modern industry.

Even in these modern trading bots, some services stand out from others with going a step ahead in innovation. One such program is Superorder, which defies the current norm of how bots execute their operations on the front end.

How Long Has Superorder Been in Business?

Founded in Q4 2018, Superorder started offering selected services towards the end of the same year. After gradually expanding the roster of its features, the cryptocurrency trading bot launched its fully-fledged services by early 2019.

Since then, it has been working towards establishing its prowess as an automated trading solution. But it does so in contrast with many of its competitors.

It’s because unlike many other web-based and even installable bot tools, Superorder doesn’t operate through a website or as an application on your computer. It actually works as an extension on the TradingView interface, allowing traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency right from the analysis application itself.

Those who want to use Superorder could install its Chrome extension, and use it in conjunction with their TradingView account. The extension adds buying and selling functionalities to the technical analysis application, and users could connect their exchange accounts to start making automated trades according to market conditions.

This sets Superorder apart from many other platforms. The support for major exchanges and affordable pricing plans has contributed towards the gradual increase in its popularity.


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How Reputable is Superorder?

Due to its status as a TradingView extension rather than a completely web-based or installable application, Superorder is considered a niche product in the already specific sector of cryptocurrency bots.

With that being said, the bot has garnered a specific following from those who want to strike a balance between ease of use and actual trading functionalities.

This has resulted in Superorder getting a small but passionate community around it. At the time of writing, the trading bot boasts of over 300 followers on Twitter and over 500 members on Reddit. It also has a Telegram channel where users come together to discuss updates and strategies.

With these factors in mind, it is safe to say that while Superorder may not be super popular, it has definitely started to hold its own within its small community.

What Exchanges Are Supported?

Superorder supports four major exchanges, where users could buy and sell their digital assets across supported markets.

These exchanges include:

Superorder specifically mentions that it is in the process of supporting more exchanges, even if it hasn’t really specified a timeline or a list of exchanges pertaining to this development.

How Much Does Superorder Cost?

Superorder offers different packages, where the minimal tier starts at no fee but at a very small monthly trading volume limit. The company also offers a free trial offer to new customers. This provides them with three days of free trading with the features of the highest plan. This way, they are able to make an informed decision on whether to subscribe to the bot extension or not.

All paid packages are available with monthly or annual billing, with the latter option providing certain discounts on the subscription fee.

To help you decide between the different packages being offered by Superorder, here are the details regarding each of them.


As the name suggests, this package doesn’t charge you anything. But it comes with a trading limit of $1,000 per month. It also has basic support, with no chat support included in it.

Other than that, it allows traders to make use of all other available features on the platform.


This package is available at $22/month with annual billing and $29/month for monthly billing. It allows a volume of $25,000. It also has basic support with no chat support option.

Like the free option, it provides access to all other platform features.


This package bills $37/month for annual billing, and $49/month for monthly billing. It has a monthly trading volume limit of $75,000. It also allows for chat support with priority support being front and center.

Other than that, all program features are available in this package.


As the highest package from Superorder, this one is available at $75 per month with annual billing and $99 per month with monthly billing. It has a monthly trading limit of $250,000. It has chat support as well, with priority support being a prominent feature.

This package allows access to all available platform features.

Is Superorder Easy to Use?

One of the most valued features of Superorder are its ease of use. Built to be in line with TradingView’s interface, the trading bot sports a sleek design that is both modern and easy on the eyes.

Its overall user-interface (UI) is very easy to get acclimated with as well. Once again, it doesn’t look out of place within your existing TradingView interface, which makes it a breeze to go through on a daily basis.

Selecting order types and setting up strategies that take the current market conditions in mind is also easy. The platform also has a guide section on the website that acts as a knowledge base and tutorial on its own.

This makes Superorder quite easy to use, since those who need a little bit of help have it on hand at all times.

What Settings Does Superorder Offer?

Superorder offers a variety of settings, strategies, and indicators that traders could use to their advantage. They include but are not limited to:

  • Limit Buy and Limit Sell
  • Market Buy and Market Sell
  • Trailing Buy and Trailing Sell
  • Stop Loss
  • AND Fork and OR Fork
  • MACD Indicator
  • RSI Indicator

Through these and many other order types, indicators, and mechanisms, users could easily set up their own strategies.

The platform also offers a Super Trade mode, which is an easy way to set up complex strategies. This also adds to the ease of use aspect, and makes Superorder stand apart from its competitors.

Is The Service Secure?

Superorder uses API keys to connect to the traders’ exchange accounts. But it doesn’t require withdrawal permissions. Actually, it advises against allowing the bot to withdraw any amount from your account.

The interface itself is connected to TradingView. This means that the accessibility to trade your funds over your selected exchanges is just as secure as your TradingView login.

Does It Provide Customer Support?

As mentioned above, Superorder provides basic customer support through the first few tiers of its subscription model. But it also offers priority and chat support at the two highest subscription mechanisms.

Those who have used the support mechanism haven’t made any larger complaints. This puts Superorder on par with some of its better performing counterparts in the industry.

How Profitable is Superorder?

The platform doesn’t mention anything about its profit percentages. This is actually quite in line with reputable trading bots, which never state how much profit any trader could make through them.

It’s because cryptocurrency trading is an extremely fluctuating medium, where anything could happen at any given point of time. Even when a bot is generating profit, you could never say that it would continue generating a set percentage of income for you.

With that being said, those who have used Superorder seem to be satisfied with its efficacy – which is elevated by its ease of use.

Should I Use Superorder?

If you are an avid TradingView user who doesn’t want to jump through different tabs on your computer to trade and review the market conditions, then Superorder might be a good fit for you.

It also offers an easy to use interface and various complex settings without making them seem stressful, which strikes a great balance between simplicity and functionality.

With that being said, Superorder is quite expensive for those who have never used cryptocurrency bots before. If you want to try it, then starting from its free trial and following it up with its free tier for a while might be the way to go. Once you are satisfied with the trading bot’s services, you could go ahead with subscribing to one of its paid plans.

At the end of the day, the decision to stick with Superorder depends completely upon you. Use it yourself and analyze if the features describe your ideal automated bot. If yes, go ahead with using it permanently. And if not, then there are definitely plenty of fish in the trading bot sea.