Tickeron Review

In the world of cryptocurrency trading, it is normal to stumble upon solutions that have seemingly existed for a while but have not reached the heights of breakout popularity.

Marketing itself as a seasoned platform for stock and forex trading, Tickeron falls under this category of solutions that have not seen sky-high popularity from the get-go. With the launch of its digital asset trading services, the platform is now making its presence known in the cryptocurrency space.

To help you determine whether Tickeron makes for a reliable cryptocurrency trading solution, here is an overview of the platform and its overall services.

⌛ What is Tickeron and How Long Has It Been in Business?

According to Tickeron’s history, its original operations were established in 2013. With the platform introducing itself as a financial marketplace powered by AI-based mechanics, it started offering its services to the stock trading community. But it wasn’t until 2020 that Tickeron introduced the AI robots tool for cryptocurrency trading. With follow-up launch news in early 2021, Tickeron aimed to garner newfound popularity within the digital asset trading space.

This mix of typical stock trading, conventional forex trading, and innovative cryptocurrency trading gives Tickeron an uncommon positioning as compared to other automated cryptocurrency bot solutions. While the platform’s traditional trading services may have been operating for way longer than many of its competitors in the crypto space, its digital asset offerings are still fairly new.

In Tickeron’s cryptocurrency trading solutions, you can access a selection of AI-powered bots. Tickeron positions these bots as a way to utilize large sets of trading data from crypto markets. With the use of visualization, reporting, and analytical tools, the platform promises to deliver deep insights into the trading patterns and projections of your cryptocurrency of choice.

With features such as backtesting and price prediction, you can then use your AI trading bots to execute cryptocurrency trading via an automated process. Through the use of these solutions, Tickeron aims to be a sought-after platform for traders in the cryptocurrency space.

💡 How Reputable is Tickeron?

Tickeron claims to have almost a decade of experience in the financial market space. But when you look through the information on the web, it does not seem to have the reputation to back up that claim. Any detailed information about the company, its team, and its services is either difficult to access or not available at all.

While Tickeron provides a company address on its team that is from Reno, Nevada and lists a contact number that reads as 1-844-div-score, its PR press and Twitter account list the company as being based out of Sunnyvale, California.

The company information on Tickeron’s About Us page does not provide transparent information regarding the team. Instead, it lists several tools that are being utilized by the platform. One of these applications or websites is DivScore, which seems to be associated with Tickeron’s own phone number and does not have a well-known separate identity.

Another thing that stands out as a red flag for Tickeron is the platform’s explicit denial to perform any refunds for the amount that has already been charged for its services. In a service model where the execution of services is paramount for user satisfaction, this presents a major sign of caution for the platform. With that being said, the solution does offer a free trial for its services, which could balance out this factor for some users.

Through the integration of several data analysis and investment information platforms, Tickerson tries to add more credibility to its solutions. To further strengthen its reputation, the platform has several PR pieces and reviews scattered around the web.

Some of these articles, such as announcements of services, are listed on platforms such as PRNewswire or Insider. But when it comes to actual reviews of the solution, they do not seem to come from renowned sources.

This is one of the major reasons why the popularity of Tickeron’s cryptocurrency solutions trails a bit behind more famous crypto trading platforms. Keeping this in mind, you need to decide whether you are comfortable with choosing a platform that is known more for its stock trading solutions than its rather fresh cryptocurrency trading offerings.

This is where you may also want to consider that while Tickeron claims to have a solid foundation, system, and solution in terms of its trading services, it is difficult to find them in action. That is why it is important that you handle your decision to sign-up with Tickeron with considerable caution.

👌 Which Exchanges Does Tickeron Support?

Tickeron does not outline which cryptocurrency exchanges it can connect its bots to in the first place. Despite this confusion, the platform continues to mention that you can use AI bots to exchange ideas, manage strategies, and execute your trades.

As a part of its educational content, Tickeron lists a few exchanges where you can buy cryptocurrencies. But it is not related to the exchanges that it lets you connect to for your trades. In another attempt, the platform lists a general process to buy Litecoin from different exchanges without ever pointing to its own service as a means of achieving that goal. Instead, it only outlines its paper trading solutions as a way for you to master your skills without performing real trades.

This makes it quite convoluted to understand how Tickeron can execute your trades for you besides performing and presenting a general marketplace analysis. In turn, this makes Tickeron a less-than ideal solution that operates without the required transparency that you need from a crypto trading solution.

While stock trading is unrelated to this review, Tickeron’s approach of not listing compatible cryptocurrency exchanges seems to stem directly from its original solutions for stock market trading. Under its intermediate trading solution features, Tickeron mentions that in the future, you may connect to your brokerage accounts on platforms such as TD Ameritrade and Robinhood. But it does not present this as an available feature and labels it as a solution that is “Coming Soon.”

💰 How Much Does Tickeron Cost?

Tickeron distributes its price point across different categories. Each category has multiple tiers that differ across their delivered set of solutions. The platform also puts a separate price model to its AI bots, where purchasing one AI bot gives you access to one trading room; buying two AI bots lets you have two trading rooms to your name; and getting three AI bots lets you obtain all Tickeron robots.

This makes for a rather convoluted pricing structure that can be enough to throw off any trader, especially those who are only taking their initial steps in the cryptocurrency space.

With that being said, here is a more simplified overview of these pricing models. The Swing Trader, Day Trader, and Investor subscriptions start by offering a free Beginner account that gives you access to a limited set of features. However, you need to go through each Tickeron package on the website to truly understand all of the complex subcategories.

Swing Trader

The paid subscriptions of this plan include the following three tiers.

  • Intermediate One. $60/month.
  • Intermediate Two. $120/month.
  • Expert. $250/month.

Day Trader

This plan also offers three paid subscriptions that are outlined below.

  • Intermediate One. $50/month.
  • Intermediate Two. $120/month.
  • Expert. $250/month.


Similar to the two plans mentioned above, this plan comprises three paid categories.

  • Intermediate One. $100/month.
  • Intermediate Two. $210/month.
  • Expert. $250/month.


This plan is different from others and only has a single tier for registered investment advisors. It is available for $50/month.

Across all plans, signing up for a yearly subscription offers significant discounts.

😎 How Easy to Use is Tickeron?

While Tickeron offers to use AI to its advantage and ease up the process of trading, working with its complex UI and pricing structure tells another story. From the moment you try to understand the platform’s services to the second you sign up with its solutions, you have a world of challenges to encounter at nearly every other step.

Once you get past the range of paid plans that Tickeron brings to the table, you can take a look at the AI robots that create the hype behind the solution. For what it’s worth, these robots do offer a rather modern interface, even though the unanswered question of how they perform their market data sourcing and how they execute their trades remains in place.

Overall, Tickeron’s platform offers an interface that is hard to master for novice traders and difficult to operate for advanced users. This makes the platform lose the race to many other trading bots that offer UI and processes that are far easier and more intuitive to operate.

🛡️ What Kind of Security is Offered?

On the surface level, Tickeron operates on a secure server (HTTPS) protocol that offers basic encryption. The platform also has an Android app. But it does not go beyond that level of protection to offer highly advanced security protocols such as application programming interface (API) key connectivity to exchanges.

Where many other solutions put their security approaches front and center, Tickeron does not explain them in the FAQs or help section beforehand. This also brings a question mark to what type of security mechanisms the platform actually uses across its services.

This makes Tickeron lag behind its competitors that not only deliver state of the art security solutions but also highlight them as their crown jewel. In turn, this also gives you plenty of reason to consider whether you want to use Tickeron as your cryptocurrency trading solution at all.

👨‍💻 How Good is Tickeron Customer Support?

Unlike many other cryptocurrency trading solutions, Tickeron does not offer direct access to its customer support team through a live chat or ticketing system. Instead, whenever you need to contact the team, you have to fill out a contact form. To its credit, the platform does offer a phone number on the same page.

Tickeron also does not have a detailed FAQ, help, or knowledge base section. Instead, it answers very basic questions on the designated pages and leaves you to sign up for its services to find out more. This creates more hurdles to access a service that already seems difficult to use. As a result, you are faced with more problems than solutions by turning to Tickeron.

💸 How Profitable is Tickeron?

Tickeron does not outline that it creates a hard number or percentage of profits for its users. This is actually one of the limited factors that work in the platform’s favor and make it stand among credible cryptocurrency solutions.

With that being said, there are not a high number of credible user reviews that outline the profitability of Tickeron. This leaves you to once again proceed with a high level of vigilance if you choose to proceed with Tickeron as your primary cryptocurrency trading solution.

📢 Is Tickeron Right For You?

Overall, Tickeron talks a big game but does not seem to have the goods to prove it, especially when it comes to the execution of its services. Whether you are a novice trader who is searching for an easy to use service or an advanced trader who is willing to expand your horizons, you might have better luck with other solutions.