Trade-mate Review

It is essential to get involved in the process of investing in the crypto-asset markets. But what is the smartest way to do so? Should you do it all by yourself? How should you go about learning in the cryptocurrency markets without losing a good deal of your money? The best way is to use the right tools and surround yourself with smart people.

Trade-mate is a brand that is offering a bit of the best of both worlds. Here is what you must know about this copy-trading platform and how it can matter to you and your friends.

Time in Business

The time in business or the company history is essential to comprehend because it provides one with the ability to know who one is dealing with in one aspect. Indeed, it is necessary to understand the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism of a company.

One can assume that if a firm has been around for some time, then it has been able to please a lot of its consumers. If it has been able to do a great job with its customers, then it is likely that it can also do a fantastic job with your needs as well.

As someone who is looking to peruse a company and its offerings, you can glean quite a bit of data from a company and its business dealings, events, and activities over a certain time period. The longer the time period, the more data you have on the company.

The time in business can also tell you more about the vision, mission, and goals of a company. It can tell you how it has made progress over some time. That can help you to understand how quick the company is in making progress and providing more value to its audience and consumer base.

So what can we learn about Trade Mate IO? We know that the firm has been around since around 2018. It started its public presence on social media platforms like Twitter in 2019.

We can assume that the firm has been around for over three years. Finally, from what we see, the firm is somewhat active on Twitter, but it has a small following. That small following might be an indicator of a smaller user base and relative obscurity in the digital asset markets.

It is essential to tread carefully when making decisions about a product based on its Twitter following because that may not be indicative of the quality of the business and its offerings.

We do know that trade-mate does provide regular updates and insights on Twitter enabling traders to get better by learning core concepts. At the present moment, we know that Trade Mate IO does have a relative history and has been in business for a modest time frame.

Is its history rich with great interaction with its audience, youtube videos, endless reviews, and other aspects of a more popular firm? No, but that does not mean that it doesn’t have the chops to meet your needs.

Now that we know about its time in business, let us take a look at its reputation.


Trade-mate has a solid reputation in the markets. We have scoured the web to find negative reviews and did not find anything. But what we did find was astonishing. We found that various websites have offered positive reviews and have rated the product highly. While this is not as surprising, it is worth mentioning because it matters to prospective speculators and market movers who want to use their products.

We can also glean reputation elements and data points by looking at the people associated with the firm. While it is fantastic to think about potential ROI and other aspects related to trading, it is good to know about the people associated with the product and if they have had any relevant issues in the past.

Upon further investigation of the founders and the leaders on the Trade Mate IO project, we find that they have a history of business development, entrepreneurship, and valuable management attributes.

The stellar histories and skillsets are present in various ways in each member of the leadership and execution team. That means that you can benefit from their management skills and development skills as you use the product. But how do you benefit? The answer is quite simple. You can benefit because you know that you are in good hands when you use the product for your gains.

You can find that some of them have been present on Upwork, (a technical labor and hiring platform) in the past, too. As such, you know that you are using a product from people who have experience in the field.

We looked at the reputation of the people involved in the project and found that they are in good standing. Then we’ve studied the trade-mate reviews of third-party sites online and found that the product is in good standing as well.

But what is Trademate especially good for in the digital asset trader’s arsenal? We find that Trademate seeks to be different by bringing about more features and functionalities for speculation. As a keen investor, it is true that you will find more people to interact with on trades, can follow those whom you desire, and earn by making the right moves.

Conversely, if you think that you know what you are doing in these volatile markets, then it is in your best interest to stay active, obtain the knowledge, get smarter and capture value by opting for the professional speculator or Pro Trader option.

The platform provides you with the ability to conduct editing of tasks, simplifying averaging, and the compelling TradingView insights and dashboard.

These are all fabulous options and help you to gain more insight into the market as you automate your trading possibility.

With that, let us move on to another essential aspect within this matter. What kind of exchanges does the product or service work with to provide value to their audience of present and potential users?

Exchanges Supported

It is essential to know the exchanges that the product is connected to or can be connected to so that you can have a good experience. If you find a product that has connections to large digital asset hubs, you could have more exposure, liquidity, volume, and the ability to move in and out trades better.

It is great to have the option to implement strategies, tactics, and be nimble in dynamic and quick-moving markets like the ones that we are in today. As such, the right exchange connections enable more possibility and opportunity.

Trade Mate IO understands the value of working with top-notch crypto exchanges and has made sure to provide swell options.

The exchanges that they work with include the one’s present below:

As you can see, these are all fairly reputable exchanges within the digital asset industry. They have quite a bit of options themselves and provide you with the ability to trade more digital assets with ease. These are all well-respected entities within the sector. As such, you can see that they provide a great deal of value to everyone who is interested in using Trade Mate IO for their speculation purposes.

You know that many of its exchange partners work on an international and global basis. That means that you as a cryptocurrency trader will have quite a bit of exposure to various asset classes and will find that many people are present on these platforms.

It is likely that the firm will work hard to bring in more exchange partners to allow users to have a wonderful trading experience. As time progresses, and they make headway, one can see that it will be in everyone’s best interest if they expand their digital partner offerings.

Now that we know that you can connect your API keys to some fantastic entities, let us find out what they charge the user for their participation in the product.


Did you know that you can obtain access to the platform at zero dollars? Yes, you can take advantage of all that the platform has to offer with little to no expense to you.

The platform will also charge $39 per month that provides you access to Smart Manual Trading, as well as Automated Trading. You will notice that there is over a 7% commission on deals that provide earnings. At the same time, you will notice that you can easily sign up.

For instance, you can click on their free option, register easily, and get started. They will remind you that you need an exchange account to get started with the trading process. But besides that, it is straightforward and simple to do.

Ease of Use

Trademate is there to be as simple as possible to use for its many different users. The platform knows that it is essential to cater to those who are merely starting out and those who have been in the digital assets sector for quite a while now.

Remember that they have made it to where each part of the process is straightforward. That means that you can take advantage of the registration, logging, navigation, tutorials, and learning among other aspects of the platform without having too much difficulty.

The firm has been around for over 3 years and knows the importance of simplicity. They make it simple to connect your Binance and other accounts to your trade-mate dashboard.

From tools to trading signals, it is all there for you. But if you have no idea about reading signals or speculation, the firm has an auto trade component that will work with human speculators or bots that will essentially do the work for you.

You can head over to the auto trade tab to see the different people that are active for you to use for your speculative activity. Remember that this is known as PAMM, it is an option that enables you to choose the traders that seem best for your needs.

General people do note that it is best for you to use Trade Mate IO if you are interested in earning more instead of marginal trades. That means it is necessary for you to start with at least $200 when you are using this platform.


What are the settings that are present on this platform? Well, you are aware that it has the option to copytrade or follow others’ actions and make similar movements within your portfolio. That is a fantastic feature as you can passively earn by anchoring your moves to them.

The next setting that people appreciate is Tradingview.


Speculators will be pleased to know that Tradingview fits right into the platform. That means that you have various charts in front of you to make decisions if you want to go that route.

Are you interested in implementing options to obtain a profit? How about those options where you can set stop loss settings on Tradingview? That is quite possible. People also like that they have access to average order prices too! What about lines, indicators, and other options? Yep, these features provide this product with great value.

You can set take profit and stop-loss levels on these charts, with access to average order prices. Lines, indicators, and settings can all be saved, too.

Mirror Trading

Choose a wise trader, participate in the overall ecosystem, and follow along as your account moves in line with another. You have the right data, overall statistics, and access to quite a bit of channels. Did you know that you can conduct various implementations to take actions automatically based on specific signals?

Smart Trade

It is helpful to look at Tradingview, set profit setups, implement stop losses, and have the right deals. It enables you to generate income and reduce your risks.


Averaging is the idea of making purchases to lower your overall costs and increase your upside. This is a method that is useful in extreme volatility. It can help to minimize risk when the market is moving back and forth in a rapid fashion, swaying quickly to the left and the right.

Editing Tasks

People have the ability to alter their strategies as they progress. That means that you do not have to worry about changing your strategy and process when the market moves in a different direction. You are not frozen, remember to make a change in your strategy and go from there.

Dashboard Simplification

Trademate will present a dashboard full of quick information points that will guide your actions. You can monitor it and get a good understanding of where you stand in the markets. It is essential to customize your dashboard as necessary, obtain the right information, stats, and filters to move forward.

It is great because it enables you to be aware of what is going in several hubs like Binance and others that you might have that are connected.

You can learn about everything with their tutorials and other information.


You have to worry about security with everything and anything that is valuable to you. Trademate is a service that understands that and they are doing what they can to accommodate your safety.

The service is interested in ensuring the best secure service by providing the right environment and having the right methods and techniques to ensure your safety.

They start by making sure that they do not have control of your funds. You are the only one that can move money back and forth. You can withdraw from the hub and add it, they cannot. You will also know that they have respectable API processes in place to only ensure that movement can happen without you being involved. When we say asset movement, we mean that the systems will automatically trade based on who you follow or your settings.

Further, they have implemented safe servers, have step-by-step security, and will benefit from double-checking with email or phone to have overall safety. It also has the best site certification to have security on that end too.

Customer Support

You can reach out to their customer support through email. You can also try to contact them on Twitter or other social media platforms. They aim to be straightforward, transparent, and as simple as possible. That is why they seek to provide simplicity in how they interact with their customers.


You will notice that profitability is not only dependent on you. Because you have the ability to mirror other people’s trades, you do not have to be as cautious about your decisions. Instead, you can ensure that you are choosing the most professional traders and replicate their trades.

But of course, if you go with that option, you are trusting that your choices are going to make the right decisions, leading you to profitability.

At the same time, it is necessary to think about the market and other elements if you choose to go the solo route and make the decisions yourself. See, the platform does a fantastic job of setting up an environment and improving tools to where you can work with others or where you can do it yourself and aim to obtain value within the markets.

The product does not promise any type of profitability but it does promise to provide a setting where you have the opportunity to grow your portfolio.

Trade Mate IO Final Points

The final points around Trade-mate is that you can set up strategy on this platform, obtain value, and become better as you learn, watch the charts, and implement your strategy. At the same time, you can mirror trade and have it to where others trade and your account will follow them as well. It offers you a comprehensive suite of tools and materials to succeed.