Trality Bot Review

Since Bitcoin began in 2009, it has made great headway and has birthed an entire industry. This digital asset is bringing about pioneers and entrepreneurs who think about parallel computing over centralized cloud computing. They think about free speech over censorship in all aspects of the world.

It also brings about different financiers, exchange platforms, and traders who want to participate in the rise of bitcoin. They want to take advantage of the strength and speed of the bitcoin growth curve and want to form a base of support with regard to the digital asset and overall systems.

That is why you are seeing firms such as Trality come out with their own products to make trading bitcoin and other digital assets as simple as possible. These products can help to provide you with a more automated view of how you approach bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within an ecosystem.

Here is a review, that covers everything you need to know about the Trality bot service and why it matters within your life.

⌛ Time in Business

Trality has been in the business since at least 2018. The firm was able to start developing its product, testing it, and building to the place where it felt it was time to release the product.

It is fairly active on social media and seeks to ensure that it keeps users and other parties up to date on the market and its progress on its product. It seems that the product revolves more around helping creators to create products instead of necessarily providing a product right away.

Trality is more about creating a platform and a marketplace that presents different options for people instead of deploying their individual products. This is an intriguing approach in an industry where many offer their own custom bots at various pricing plans with different features and options.

💡 Reputation

Trality seems to have a solid reputation within the crypto environment as many people speak highly of the brand and what it offers. One can find several reviews on the platform and generally positive engagements from people when one looks at its various social media platforms.

That indicates that this provider does have a stellar reputation and could be perceived as a trustworthy entity. Indeed, one would certainly want to have a trustworthy entity when dealing with digital asset funds.

Further one can see that it has a strong reputation because it was able to raise over 1.5 million euros from a respectable entity within the cryptoverse. Trality was able to raise the funds from Blockrocket and use those funds to continue its mission to grow and foster private and proprietary machine learning tools for those who seek to create more automated crypto trading products.

The Austrian firm will continue to work to hold its stellar reputation so it can move forward and deploy further solutions that matter. Indeed, bot producers will likely be a key asset to the speculation industry moving forward.


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👌 Exchanges Supported

The marketplace is able to support a few of the leading entities within the cryptocurrency sector. Remember that one can form an automated bot system, deploy it for simple real-time trading and enjoy speculation on their specific choice.

At the current moment, the firm supports Binance, Bitpanda, Coinbase Pro, and even Kraken. Trality will seek to support more exchanges over time.

💰 Price

Trality provides a simple free plan for you to get started with the platform. After you test it out and realize that you appreciate what it has to offer, then you can move forward and go with their paid plan.

They offer several tiers for individuals.


Trading volume is at a small level, tick interval is at 60m, you can take advantage of one live bot, one virtual bot, log retention, and an infinite amount of backtests. This is free.


Trading volume is at a higher level. You can take advantage of a sixty-minute tick interval, two live bots, two virtual bots, log retention for a month, and unlimited backtests. This will cost you around 95 euros.


This has a higher trading volume. You can take advantage of a tick interval that is around five minutes, then you can take advantage of five live bots, five virtual bots, have log retention for six months, and have unlimited backtests. It will cost you 383 euros.


You can have access to unlimited trading volume. Tick intervals will range from 1minute. You can have access to ten trading bots, ten virtual bots, unlimited log retention, and unlimited backtests.

Of course, these are the prices for the yearly option for each of these pricing plans, you can take advantage of the monthly ones but at a higher cost per month. You are able to save over 19% with the yearly option.

😎 Ease of Use

Trality is all about providing tools to people who love to code, create strategies, and trade. If you fall into this category, you will appreciate this platform and its overall ease of use.

The product is simple and efficient but remember that they are catering to those who seek to code with python and want to bring about custom bots in a simple but more streamlined way. You can also build your bot without python coding using Trality Rule Builder.

The company wants to bring more people to the world of creation and would like to ensure that they have the tools necessary to survive and thrive in these volatile cryptocurrency markets.

Now, remember that Trality does want to make it as simple as possible for anyone to get involved so you can try your hand algo oriented custom strategies, even if you are not a python genius. It is a browser-based Python Augmented Code Editor, that has exceptional Python API functionality, many packages, a debugger, and end-to-end encryption.

If you are a simple enthusiast, you can follow the simple instructions so you can create a bot without any coding experience.

A large portion of the product is still in beta but it is making significant progress. So do not be discouraged, you can create custom bots that are to your liking.

⚙️ Settings Available

Code Editor

The main setting is the code editor. You can take advantage of the code editor and produce your automated computer helpers to aid you in your cryptocurrency trading journey. Trality is happy to announce that it has the leading browser-based Python tool for automated bot creation.

Those who are proficient and not so proficient can work with the firm’s tools to create Python bots that work for them. You can create bots with extremely sophisticated or simple strategies that work for you.

You can rest assured in the fact that they are simple, secure, and very reliable. Users appreciate the debugger and the wonderful libraries that range from NumPy to TAlib. Trality already has different templates that are already prepped and ready for you to take advantage of.

Rule Builder

Rule Builder is the next setting, it is one where you can drag and drop code blocks to make it as simple as possible to build your simple crypto trading bot. That is right, no additional coding knowledge is necessary to take advantage of algorithmic digital asset trading.

It is all about flexible machines and boolean logic. You will place indicators and strategies in a specific way and execute as you wish.

Backtesting and Paper Trading

You do not want to go into the market in a blind way. That is why Trality has backtesting, paper trading, and similar options that help you to understand how to trade effectively. It is fast, secure, and simple.

It is all about working with your browser, absorbing great deals of historical information, candle information, and overall testing execution. Users can take advantage of many scenarios that range from custom time frames and algorithmic testing.

Did you know that backtest history is saved? That means that you can always look back at the information, depending on your pricing plan.

🛡️ Security

Yes, your funds certainly matter. That is why Trality makes it to where your fund safety is a core priority. That means that it will do whatever it can to ensure that your funds are extremely safe.

The firm states that it does not have direct contact with your funds. Your bots, via their platform, will send signals and it will execute on the exchange itself. The funds are on the exchange and your API keys will always be in a specific state that you do not have to worry about withdrawal.

Remember that all bots and algorithms will have full sandbox states.

👨‍💻 Customer Support

You can reach out for support by accessing Trality social media platform, primarily Twitter.

💸 Profitability

Bitcoin is an intriguing phenomenon as it goes up in value and then has an eventual decline before coming back up in value again at an even greater level. The frequency of its price gyrations makes it a compelling trading opportunity on the way up and on the way down. Indeed, its atypical nature genuinely fascinates many people.

The profitability of your strategy and overall automated algo helper will rely on your understanding of the market and the different ways that you approach the market. You are bound to make a profit if you are reading the market correctly and placing yourself accordingly.

But it will take some understanding, studying, and knowledge on your part.

Sure, you can always get better and increase your chances of profitability. But do not automatically think that you can increase your overall gains because you have automation.

You must ensure to take it slow, steady, and understand the markets before positioning yourself for your trades.

📢 Conclusion

You should certainly check out Trality and use it. At least give it a try and see how it can work for you. You are bound to learn quite a few aspects and be able to make gains if you apply yourself.

That is the key here with this platform, you must ensure to apply yourself and make it to where you do a fantastic job of pushing forward every single day. If you are able to stay committed and dedicated to this program, then you can learn many things, and figure out how to proceed further in your activities.