Automated trading tools are not a new phenomenon. D.E Shaw and other firms have turned to more algorithmic and technology augmented bots to increase their profit potential in stock trading. Remember that they’re not the only ones using enhanced tools to bring about better returns. Prominent firms ranging from Bridgewater Associates to Larry Fink’s Blackrock have their own proprietary automated solutions to advance and grow their value in their respective portfolios.

Managers use technology in more ways than one to improve their trading operations. You can see the emergence of technology tools in trading markets that range from forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Of course, this is one trend that many expect to continue as the finance world becomes more in line with technology in the short-term and long-term.

We want to find out the best market to use trading bots allowing for more profit. Remember that we don’t want to waste time focusing on markets that won’t bring as much return as the other. We know that it is better to be focused and concentrated to bring in the best results.

Which one might that be?

Cryptocurrency Market

First, remember that each market has its unique characteristics and it may be hard to compare them and augmented trading on an apples to apples basis. The first point is that the cryptocurrency industry is relatively new and so many expect much growth to be had in this market.

The second point is that the crypto market is always open. It is open for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Cryptocurrencies, like insomniacs, never sleep. Third, we know that inefficiency is still present in the crypto space. We know this generally by realizing that there more than 800 coins on the market. Many of them shouldn’t be there.

Why? They serve the exact same purpose as others who have more branding, volume, and other noteworthy aspects. Finally, we know that cryptocurrency exchanges will continue to evolve and become more efficient and sophisticated over time, leading to further interesting possibilities.

These four points make for interesting arrays of potential within the cryptocurrency market and outstanding return potential.

Exchanges have taken their time and opened up access to their exchanges to connect tools to conduct automatic trading. As such we see many different suppliers rising to the challenge to deploy a solution that works in a unique manner. These firms range from Crytohopper to Lake Finance and other prominent names to provide services within this growing segment.

Proper traders can benefit by executing right strategies using advanced technology that we see is currently present at an affordable cost. Movements in crypto provide opportunity for potential gain with different strategies that go from marketing making to arbitrage and swing trading.

Remember that the cryptocurrency offers more opportunity for massive gains than other markets because of its highly volatile moves. The crypto sphere minted several millionaires in the path from 2011 to 2017, and it did so even after, as people allocated capital at the right time to see a good return on their investments.

Bot based tools within this market may provide significant and most returns if following the right strategies due to the wide spreads in the market. Of course, depending on the strategies used, one must have the right amount of crypto capital to truly make a dent in their lives.

Forex Market

The forex market has similarities to the cryptocurrency in that it is open for 24 hours a day. But remember that it has one important caveat, it is not open to retail traders like yourself for 24/7 due to a variety of factors. There’s a lot of value traded in the forex market.

I mean, the forex stands for foreign exchange and has tons of value from various transactions that place within the entire world. As such, there’s opportunity in this sector but one must be wary as this market, much like cryptocurrency is not easy.

A few experts note that bots within forex work until they don’t. They assume that it is because the edge is ironed out within the market because more people may opt to follow that strategy. The idea is to use tools within this system to assist but not rely on.

One must familiarize themselves with the forex market and also how the forex bot works in conjunction with the market to really succeed.

A forex automated trading tool will possess order placement, trade recognition, and position management abilities. These are basic aspects that should be present in most forex augmented solutions. Speed, reliability, and technical analysis parameters are among some of the most crucial aspects of these trading tools.

These bots are supposed to help eliminate psychology and improving profits considerably. The major point here is to make sure to value learning and growth over relying on the tool from the start.

Forex bots carry a bad reputation because many of them are known scams. That doesn’t make all of them bad, it just makes most of them something to avoid.

If you choose Forex, know that there’s limitations and then make sure to look for top rated tools that will enhance your trading experience. These trading automatons are also about signals as well.

There’s still a long way to go on these bots because of how the market is designed.

Stock Market

The stock market is said to be efficient and it will be more efficient because of the bots. We have more quantitative funds and more bots that are on the rise. Computerized systematic trading plans will start to become a more significant part of the trading picture in the present and in the future.

Financial institutions note that these programs will grow fast. Did you know that quantitative companies and more automated funds are more than 50% of the general equity market? They’ve risen quickly. That’s an understatement. High frequency trading is another automated trading system that’s on the rise.

Remember that Long Term Capital Management and computer trading was around since 1987 in the traditional stock market.

But experts note that the funds may not be producing above average returns to justify their costs. What’s even more surprising is that quantitative funds may be doing less well for a variety of reasons.

It is important to note that at the current moment only a few firms are supposedly doing well with their techniques and programs while others use tried and true human practices to invest and trade.

Is it Legal to Trade with a Bot on Crypto, Forex, or Stock Market

Yes, it is perfectly legal to use these tools to your advantage. Exchanges and discount brokerages have varying rules or stipulations but many will allow you to connect to them and trade with augmentation.

Which Market Can Bring More Profit with Bot Trading?

At the current moment, it seems that due to the underlying fundamentals mentioned above, you can find more advantages using robots to trade in the cryptocurrency market. Further, more levels of volatility in the stock market makes room for more chances for profit and these tools can help to net bigger returns.

Are there Enough Bot Platforms for Each Market ?

Yes, there are a handful of bots for stocks and forex markets while more are on the way each day for the growing crypto space.


The beauty of the cryptocurrency is volatility. The longer that it is volatile, the better for traders who seek to make money on the many swings that are present therein. Remember that volatility brings about many opportunities and the crypto market will likely have volatility for a while.