Get Bitsgap Bot Free Trial

Since its launch in 2017, Bitsgap has become one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading bots in the market. With its user-friendly interface, reliable operation, and extensive features, the bot provides ideal solutions to a variety of traders. Along with offering automated trading through conventional mechanisms, Bitsgap has also established its name in grid trading.

In order to continue serving the cryptocurrency community, Bitsap also introduces different discount offers from time to time. The solution’s latest offering comes in the form of a 7-day trial of its sought-after Pro plan. All that you need to do is to register at the platform using this link, and you can avail this offer without any issues.

To see what the PRO Plan brings to the table and why this offering is such a big deal, here’s a lowdown on everything you need to know about this promotion. 

Why is the Bitsgap PRO Plan So Important?

The Bitsgap Pro plan is the premium package from Bitsgap. Due to this reason, it boasts of the highest possible tier of features that the cryptocurrency trading bot has to offer.

The Pro plan comprises all regular features of the software such as support for over 25 exchanges, over 10,000 trading pairs, and over 75 technical indicators. At the same time, it also comprises exclusive features that include an unlimited monthly trading limit, 15 active trading bots, and take profit for bots.

The Bitsgap Pro plan also comes with arbitrage, portfolio, and trading strategies from the get-go. This makes sure that you can make the most out of the different trading opportunities that are available for your benefit.

When put together, this makes for an excellent trading bot that brings about all necessary features under a single banner. Whether you want to switch between different exchanges or need to try several trading strategies, the easy-to-use bot makes technical trading a walk in the park.

Since the Bitsgap Pro plan gives you a hands-on experience of premium trading features, it also lets you see the trading bot in action to its fullest extent. This goes a long way towards helping you decide whether Bitsgap is the best trading solution for you or if you need to look elsewhere for the services you need.

Given that the trial is extensive and spans over a total of 14 consecutive days, it also gives you enough time to make use of the available features at your own pace. This is also helpful if you want to determine the bot’s capabilities on a week-by-week basis to emulate a regular experience with your trading activities.

What Will Happen After the Trial is Over?

Since the trial stands for 7 days, the offer continues until that period is over. Once the trial expires, your account will be transferred to the limited plan at no extra charges.

If you want to continue with the Pro plan features after the trial period, you can pay for the subscription and start your paid usage without any issues. Since you will be using the same Bitsgap account, all of your settings and exchange connections will rollover to your subscription.

This option saves you from creating a new account or manually entering the settings again. In terms of supported payment methods for monthly payments, Bitsgap accepts major credit cards in the form of Visa and MasterCard. It also entertains PayPal. If you want to pay for a few months in advance, you can also use popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum to transfer your funds.

In turn, this approach to subscriptions and payments provides you with the utmost comfort to not only try the bot but also enjoy an ideal purchase process with modern payment methods.

Due to the design of the trial offer, Bitsgap also ensures that you have the flexibility to sign up and try the bot without worrying about canceling the trial in time or bearing automatic charges right after the trial is over. Instead of getting your card automatically charged the minute the trial has ended, you only have to pay for the subscription when you are completely ready to commit to it.

When put together, this provides you with the ideal arrangement of trying, using, and buying the bot’s services on your own terms. As a result, this makes the trial offer a win-win situation for you, where you avail advanced features without any upfront costs.

Is the 14-Day Period Enough to Try the Bot?

Whenever you are trying out a cryptocurrency bot, you need at least a week or two to determine its capabilities against changing market conditions. If you use a bot’s full features for just a couple of days or even half a week, you may not really have a full analysis at hand in the end.

In order to have a more accurate personal review, you need to emulate the same conditions of weekly usage that you may have to deal with after the purchase of the bot. This lets you see how the bot really behaves when it’s left to its own devices for a few days.

Due to this reason, the 7-day trial period from Bitsgap offers a sufficient timeframe to try out the cryptocurrency bot’s overall reliability. This provides you with not just one but two weeks of using the bot to its full capacity and see its autonomous trading at play. You can do periodic check-ins every other day or even once a week to see how the bot is performing without you having to gaze at it 24/7.

Apart from checking the bot’s dependability in the case of your absence, the 7-day trial period also gives you enough time to play around with various features. From testing different strategies with past market data to seeing how certain signals behave in particular market conditions, you can do it all at a comfortable pace.

What Package Do You Advise to Buy After the Trial?

Apart from its basic free tier, Bitsgap has three paid packages in tow. These include the following options.


This plan has all standard features such as the availability of all supported exchanges, smart orders, and technical indicators. But it has the restriction of comprising only 2 active trading bots and having a monthly trading limit of $25,000. The bot does not have arbitrage support.

The Basic plan comes at the price of $19/month. This makes it the starter offering from Bitsgap.


This plan has everything that the Basic category holds in place. But as suggested by its name, it comes with the added monthly limit of $100,000 as well as 5 active trading bots. The package also has the arbitrage feature, which makes profitable trading seem like a walk in the park.

The Advanced plan is available at $44/month. As a result, it stands as the mid-level option on Bitsgap’s offerings.


As Bitsgap’s ultimate offering, the Pro plan has exactly the level of features that you may expect from an advanced cryptocurrency trading bot. In addition to having all the offerings from the Basic and Advanced plans, the Pro package also has the benefits of unlimited monthly trading limit, 15 active trading bots, and take profits for bots.

The Pro plan costs $110/month. This makes it the premium subscription from Bitsgap’s banner.

No matter what type of plan you select, you are able to benefit from an intuitive interface, modern features, and reliable software. The security also remains top-notch in all iterations of these subscriptions and ensures that your funds are not put at risk of unauthorized accessibility.

As a result, choosing between these plans depends completely upon your personal preference and trading style. If you have a low trading limit and budget, the Basic plan might be a good stepping stone. In case you have higher requirements and means, upgrading would be a better option.

The Pro Package Has the Most Benefits

When you are comparing these plans from a perspective of features, the Pro package blows the other two options out of the water. From its unlimited trading limit to its extensive availability of trading bots, it gives you an ideal set of tools to make the most out of your trading efforts.

I am also using the Pro package due to these features, where the unlimited trading volume and higher number of bots make a world of difference for my trading capabilities. This allows me to easily scale my trading capabilities without worrying about ongoing restrictions or having to upgrade my bot at the last minute.

With that being said, choosing one of the three paid subscriptions is completely reliant upon your own discretion. You can always start with the less expensive packages and upgrade when needed.

Since the 7-day free trial of the Bitsgap Pro plan comes without any requirement for a credit card, it gives you an ideal way to have a hands-on experience of the trading bot. To take advantage of this offer today, simply visit the Bitsgap website through my link and see what modern and feature-rich crypto trading looks like.