As the cryptocurrency market grows in size, conventional solutions such as automated trading bots are making their way to the sector. Apart from solving time-management issues, these scripts allow users to steer clear from making emotional decisions that make little to no sense.

It is no secret that anger, sadness or frustration could cause traders to make risky decisions and hinder their ability to analyze the market. By setting these bots according to their coherent analysis and letting them buy and sell cryptocurrency, traders could ensure that their emotions don’t get the better of them at critical times.

Cap.Club is one such trading bot, which brings about these benefits in its newly designed interface.

Time in Business

Launched in 2018, Cap.Club is an automated cloud-based trading tool. Through its bots, it lets users make cryptocurrency trades automatically, even when they are away from their screens.

The platform was developed by a team of experts in St. Petersburg, Russia. The intent was to bring together a solution that lets novice and professional daytraders equally benefit from advanced automated algorithms.

Similar to typical trading tools, trades on Cap.Club are made through preset parameters that are selected by the users. These parameters help the bots analyze the market. After their analysis, the script takes certain buying and selling actions according to the preset instructions.

These instructions are set through a drag and drop visual interface that lets novice and professional users set trading strategies easily. The platform could then connect to the traders’ preferred exchange and make deals on their behalf.

To help traders achieve these objectives with ease, Cap.Club provides them with a number of different parameters, strategies and indicators. It also allows traders to test their strategies in real time through paper trading, which lets them see the effectiveness of their approach without putting their funds on the line.

How Reputable is Cap.Club?

Since Cap.Club was launched in October 2018, it has not garnered that much of a reputation. While the website states that the platform has over 900 traders for June 2019, the internet remains scarce of any reviews.

According to Cap.Club team, this is due to most of the users not being too familiar with the English language. Another, glaring reason for this is the platform’s infancy itself.

But the team has been making frequent updates to the service that are not just related to the trading application itself. At the time of writing, the website has recently been updated with video tutorials, with the team vowing to keep making frequent updates to the overall platform.

At the time of writing, Cap.Club also claims that in June 2019, 81 percent of its strategies “have received a surplus of coins.”

Which Exchanges Are Supported?

Despite being new, Cap.Club provides support for three of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

At the time of writing the trading bot supports:

What Pricing Plans Does Cap.Club Offer?

Unlike most of its counterparts, Cap.Club does not offer a plethora of pricing plans. The trading platform only has two plans in place, one of which comes absolutely free of any charges.

Free Plan

The Free Plan is open to anyone who has an account in one of the exchanges supported by the service It comes with basically all the features of the platform’s full product. But the restrictions are worth mentioning here.

According to Cap.Club, the free plan can only support 1 working strategy at a time. It also has only 4 blocks available in the platform’s visual strategy editor.

One of the main features offered here is the delivery of instant trading notifications to its users. But the free plan does not have this feature.

To add more to these restrictions, Cap.Club mentions that a working strategy gets paused in 30 days’ time.

The paid plan, also termed as the “Pro” plan, comes at the price of $30 per month. But if you pay for the plan annually, you could enjoy a $60 discount and only pay $300 for the whole year.

The Pro plan removes any restrictions that are posed in the free plan. This means that traders are no longer held back by the limitation of blocks in the strategy editor.

Needless to say, the Telegram notifications absent from the free plan are offered in this plan. This helps the traders remain up to date on their trading bots’ actions.

Apart from these differences, both plans come with multiple order types and simultaneous working stop-loss and take profit strategies. The plans also offer different signals to users.

How Easy to Use is Cap.Club?

The website has a minimalist interface that makes it look like a very clean and simple program.

But it gets a little complicated when it comes to the visual strategy editor. While still streamlined and fulfilling its drag and drop feature quite efficiently, the platform is a bit difficult to use in this screen.

With that being said, a little effort by novice traders would help them get acclimated with the UI and features in no time. For expert traders, the UI would be quite in line with what they already have experienced with conventional trading bots.

Other than the visual strategy editor, Cap.Club remains an easy to use program.

The platform also has a knowledge base that is starting to look more comprehensive as time passes by. It provides basic overviews on program features and also takes help from screenshots wherever required.

Which Settings Are Available?

Cap.Club provides a number of settings, strategies and signals to its users. As explained above, they include conventional settings such as limit and market orders, as well as stop-loss and take profit.

But these settings don’t stop there. The trading bot also offers long and short positions, and also offers functions such as trailing and panic-stop.

The platform also offers “Baseline” strategies that are created to help novice traders get a feel of automated trading. These strategies are explained in the knowledge base as well.

Features such as paper trading only add to the platform’s value proposition and enhance its overall value as an automated bot.

How Secure is Cap.Club?

It uses the same security measures as other trading solutions.

The platform is based on a web application which is hosted on a secure server. This makes it secure and keeps malicious parties from hacking users’ accounts.

It connects to exchanges via API keys, which do not require withdrawal permissions. This way, the bot cannot withdraw users’ funds and only make authorized trades through them.

With this, Cap.Club also offers two-factor authentication (2FA), which provides additional security to the users.

Customer Service 

The platform offers its customer service through emails. This helps those users who are stuck with a specific feature, or who cannot find answers to their questions in the knowledge base.

Apart from this, users could reach out to the service through its Telegram channel.

How Profitable is Cap.Club?

This is one of the few trading bots that openly lists its profit statistics. While the platform still doesn’t promise profitability to avoid misleading users, it is very tongue-in-cheek about mentioning statistics on the website’s homepage itself.

For instance, while outlining the statistics for June 2019, Cap.Club makes it a point to mention that the average profit of a bot on its platform was 0.93 percent.


With its free plan and the ability to provide a simple yet highly functional interface, Cap.Club earns the chance to be tried at least once. While it is not the most varietal trading bot platform out there, it certainly has the potential to become one.

All in all, give it a try if you are in search of something off of the mainstream. You might find something within the rapidly developing program that makes you its lifelong user.