This is my second Coinrule report where I put the maximum capacity of my paid plan to test. If you did not read the first report, then feel free to find it here. To remind you, I am using a paid Trader plan, which allows me to run 15 live rules. Today I will show you the profit generated by Coinrule while trading automatically for over two weeks.

Before we start, I would say that there are no outstanding results. However, I was able to test 15 different templates and I found several of them that might be real gems.

Coinrule Profit

The total profit generated by 15 rules was only 7 dollars. All the rules were set to execute 10 times with an order size of 20 USD. Basically, the total budget for this experiment was: 15 x 10 x 20 = 3000 USD.

But the actual budget used was way smaller, as not all of the rules were able to execute all 10 deals. Some of the rules stuck right after the first deal, some of them stuck later.

Now, you can check all the rules that I have personally tested one by one and pick the ones that were the most successful.

Unfinished and Stuck Rules


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Buy Best Performing On BTC Dip + Slop Loss / Take Profit

This rule was never executed. Maybe this is due to the fact that it works with your portfolio, and I did not have enough coins to work with.

  • Actions triggered: 0/10
  • Profit/Loss: 0 USD

Golden Cross Trading

This rule was executed three times and then stuck with an insufficient balance error.

  • Actions triggered: 3/10
  • Profit/Loss: +2.11 USD

Maximized Moving Average Crossing

This one did not get stuck, but it was not making a lot of deals. The five deals that were finished registered a negative net profit: -7.24 USD

  • Actions triggered: 5/10
  • Profit/Loss: -7.24 USD

Everyday Buy The Best Coin

The rule was only able to buy a coin once and never sell it back. While it shows some positive profit I am not sure how this is calculated.

  • Actions triggered: 1/10
  • Profit/Loss: +3.55 USD

Low Volatility Buy And Sell

This rule purchased the RENBTC digital asset (some sort of BTC clone) and it has never sold it back. The price of this coin is just the same as Bitcoin’s price. It is not moving up or down comparing to the original BTC.

  • Actions triggered: 1/10
  • Profit/Loss: 0 USD

Completed Rules

Now I will show you the completed rules, which were able to execute all 10 orders, but were not successful to bring any profit.

Buy The Dip Multi-Level

This is the second time I am testing this rule. In my previous report, this has ended up with a loss. The same thing happened once again.

  • Actions triggered: 10/10
  • Profit/Loss: -3.64 USD

Scalping Dips On Trend

  • Actions triggered: 10/10
  • Profit/Loss: -4.17 USD

Scalping On Trend

  • Actions triggered: 10/10
  • Profit/Loss: -3.3 USD

Trade The Coin In The Spotlight

  • Actions triggered: 10/10
  • Profit/Loss: -1.17 USD

Moving Average Crossover On Trend

  • Actions triggered: 10/10
  • Profit/Loss: -0.95 USD

The Most Profitable Coinrule Rules

These are the five rules that showed a significant profit.

Portfolio Take Profit and Re-buy

  • Actions triggered: 10/10
  • Profit/Loss: +9.39 USD

Catch The Falling Knife

  • Actions triggered: 10/10
  • Profit/Loss: +6.3 USD

Multi Moving Average Crossing

  • Actions triggered: 10/10
  • Profit/Loss: +4.56 USD

Every Day Buy The Best + Stop Loss And Take Profit

  • Actions triggered: 10/10
  • Profit/Loss: +1.32 USD

Multi Time Frame Crossing MA9/100

  • Actions triggered: 10/10
  • Profit/Loss: +0.46 USD

Preparing for the Last Coinrule Experiment

5 out of the 15 rules tested during the last couple of weeks were stuck. 5 of them ended up in negative territory, and 5 were able to bring some profit. I like the way Coinrule is developed, but I was not able to get any reasonable income here.

I am using and testing the pre-defined templates, so probably these are not perfect and should be adjusted. But the goal of this experiment was to check whether the trading tool would work without any particular knowledge of the crypto market.

There are still some Coinrule templates available that I want to test out, so right now I will launch some of the old successful rules and add some new ones for testing. Again, the settings will be the same: 20 USD per order and each rule should be executed 10 times.

See you in the next Coinrule report, where I will show you the results and give my final verdict regarding this trading bot.