As you remember, two weeks ago I have launched my first Cryptohopper bot with a pre-defined Binance strategy. Today I am going to share my first results and also give you some suggestions regarding the bot settings.

During these two weeks, Cryptohopper was not buying any positions for the first 5 days and that may become an issue for the new users. After the change of buying strategy, things started to move forward and my current balance now is +8% in profit.

Keep reading this report to find out more details regarding the Cryptohopper settings and profits this bot can generate with a paid plan.

Frightening Silence

With the Binance BTC template, that was offered by the platform upon the bot setup, there were zero trades made during the first five days after the launch. I have contacted the customer service and asked to check the settings.

Cryptohopper support

There were no errors with the setting, although the buying strategy offered by the default template was too tight. It means that the bot was waiting for several indicators to combine to place the buy order.

There were no successful combinations during the first 5 days, that’s why no trades were accomplished. That’s why I decided to change the buying strategy and replaced it with a more loose one, called Buy the Dip.

First Positions Opened

Right after the buying strategy was changed, Cryptohopper has started to open positions and buy coins. By the way, the Adventurer plan that I am currently using offers to monitor up to 50 coins for buying signals, but I have selected only 29 coins on the start. Therefore, I have added more coins to the bot watch list to give it more options to buy.

Here is the first DOGE position opened. The selling configuration remains the same, take profit will be executed once the position will make the growth at least 4%.

The bot has bought some more coins and after a while, the first take profit order was performed:

It’s alive! The Cryptohopper bot has finally started to do what it should be doing!

First Profits

After 8 days of successful work, I am ready to present the first result report.

Right now the total value of the assets on my account is 0.108 BTC which means that the bot was able to do a bit more than 8% in profit.
These are all open positions and their current exit results:

And here I can show all the take profit orders that were executed:

That’s how my current open positions look like:

This screenshot shows you all the assets available on my balance:

What’s Next?

I will allow Cryptohopper bot to run for a whole month to see if the profits generated will cover the subscription fee. After that, I also want to test out some other strategies offered by the service. There are a lot of interesting options available that I am willing to try (paid strategies and signals).

Cryptohopper team should definitely check the predefined templates that they are offering to users, as this is something that newcomers will most likely use on their journey start. In my case, the bot was not making any trades for the first 5 days and this was quite frustrating.

I will prepare my next report in a week or two, so don’t forget to visit this blog again soon!