Wunderbit Trading Review

The new world brings about various opportunities to store value, access money, and distribute value in more meaningful ways. That is why it is no surprise that one can find innovations such as crypto trading bots, and have a digital and decentralized bank account in the decentralized finance sector.

We know that there are a variety of coins out there are coming to the marketplace. These coins can have immediate price fluctuations upward and then decline significantly over time. They may not have any value at all. At the same time, you do not want to miss out on opportunities and gains. If that is the case, what should you do?

There are ways to take advantage of the market in several ways without having to manually be involved every second of the day. You can turn to crypto bots such as Wunderbit Trading to participate in the markets, set parameters, and genuinely generate value in more ways than one.

See, these bots can present several strategies so that you can earn money in up markets and down markets. Here is what you must know about generating value with bots like Wunderbit Trading today. In this review you can find out about its time in business, reputation, and other aspects that matter to you.

Time in Business

The right cryptocurrency automation tool will serve as a fantastic partner that will help to take your trading to the next level. Bots are able to run regularly and do not require restroom breaks or food, or even water. But they do require internet connection, consistent power, and the right inputs to make the best trading decisions. Remember that it will complement your brain at the present moment, but it may evolve to make decisions on its own.

Wunderbit team has been working on this platform for quite a while now. It has been in business since 2017.

Recall that it will take a while to create a platform and business. As such, one can assume that the founders were working on the project from 2015 onward.

The founders realized that people do not want to stay up, lose sleep, and lower the quality of life, to merely speculate on the markets at all hours of the day. They thought, why not make it more simple with automation? That is why they spent a good portion of the prior years investing in this project and ensuring that it meets standards, helping crypto traders increase their respective portfolios’ value.

The founders of Wunderbit bot noted that there are aspects such as fear, extreme enthusiasm, and other types of emotions that can interfere in the trading process when humans are at the helm. Expert speculators within the markets know that they can find themselves in a world of hurt if they let their emotions get the best of them. That is another compelling reason that drove the founders to push this project forward.

A robotic trading instrument has no emotion; it merely does what it is told. It will not disrupt its process to have an emotional breakdown. It will not cry or make a variety of random decisions with its exuberance. Rather, it will ensure to follow the process, execute trades, and implement strategies that you choose.

It can process the data, understand the environment, and execute trades efficiently. The creators of Wunderbit Trading realize this and ensure to refine the tool regularly to provide better experiences.


The general reviews and ratings surrounding the Wunderbit product are fantastic. We can see that the general cryptocurrency community appreciates this product and all the features it has to offer. They love it so much that the only problem that they see with this product is that it is not present in various forms. For instance, they would like for it to have a respective mobile application.

The other general complaint has been that it is a fairly new product and that they would like it to age a bit more. But the funny point here is that the firm and the product have been around for over four years. That means it is not in its infancy at the present moment and has a good portion of age and interaction. That means that Wunderbit is more trustworthy.

We can see that the general population is fine with the service and that they appreciate what the firm has to offer to them.

We cannot find any large instances of reported problems and note that crowdsourced reviews are in favor of the Wunderbit overall. There is decent coverage of the firm and its product so that is beneficial overall.

The platform has over 8000 users and over 100 million in trading volume moving through its systems. That is quite respectable for a firm that has been around for only a couple of years.

Finally, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and show that this platform can help individuals move their speculation activities forward. Of course, even if the majority loves the product, it is necessary to realize that you may have specific goals, initiatives, and needs. As such, you may require a different type of trading bot product or service.

That is why, if it has a good foundation, we always encourage you to try out the product for yourself.


Exchanges are critical in the trading sector as it lets individuals move from one asset to the next one. The creators of Wunderbit understand this aspect, which is why they have connected various exchanges to the service.

Here is a list of the entities that they have connected so far:

They are working on adding more partners such as Bitmex, Huobi, Binance.US, Gate.io, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Bitfinex, Poloniex, and more.

As you can see, these various cryptocurrency exchanges are not uncommon, they are the ones that everyone knows and can use. But what does this mean and why does this matter to you?

The answer is quite simple and straightforward. If they connect to more entities, you have more opportunities to take advantage of different strategies, have exposure to more liquidity, and move assets back and forth with minimal issues.

That is what you want to have in a thriving market to ensure security and minimize risks overall. If you are speculating in thinly traded markets that can be a significant problem in many different ways.


The pricing structure is essential overall. It helps you to guide your decisions and choose a tier that quite certainly works for you. So what is the pricing structure you can find with Wunderbit?

There are four pricing tiers:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premium


Free is magic to everyone’s ears. Free is something that everyone wants to hear and see. What do you get with this tier? You can take advantage of five open positions, two active bots, 1 API per exchange, Trading Terminal that includes spot and futures trading, then you have take-profit and stop-loss options.


The basic tier provides you with several aspects that you will appreciate.

You can take advantage of 15 open positions, five active bots, 2 API per exchange, trailing stops, multiple take profits, DCA trading terminal. These options can add significant value to your life.

It will cost $9.95 per month.


The pro version will provide you with a few more functionalities.

These functionalities are:

  • 100 open positions
  • 15 active bots
  • Five API per exchange
  • Fixed amount for futures
  • Spread trading terminal
  • Swing trade

These are fantastic functionalities that many people appreciate as they pursue their speculation endeavors.

What is the cost of this tier? It is $24.95.

The Premium Tier

The premium tier will provide you with unlimited features for speculators and followers.

You can have everything in the plan present above and unlimited open positions, unlimited active bots, infinite API per trade entity, your own Tradingview, and even script support!

What is the cost of this tier? It is $44.95.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is quite critical in many different settings but paramount in the cryptocurrency trading sector. But why is that so? Did you know that it is essential to have simplicity in your speculation activity because the digital asset world moves fast?

The main features are present within the web interface. You can also take advantage of Manual Smart trading. If you seek to opt into the other features, you may need to have more skills.

For instance, you will need to know what you are looking for when you create Wunderbit bots with specific strategies, understand the markets, and fine-tune them accordingly. TradingView and the editor will require some more skills and expertise as well.

But you do not have to worry too much because you can opt into social trading. Target your bots to replicate others’ plans and options and watch as your bot executes them.

You do not want to miss out on opportunities because you had to wait a while to figure out systems or even make mistakes because you do not fully know how to work with a platform.

Wunderbit has various options that provide overall simplicity. They range from social trading to others but more on that later.


Mirror trading / Social trading

Wunderbit offers you the ability to replicate the best crypto asset traders and automate your trade aspects in a more compelling way. This way, you are essentially borrowing the brain of other human beings who have a human track record and hand over responsibility to them to do the work, while you sit back and relax.

The platform provides overall simplicity through this aspect and helps you automate your social trading using a simple tool. As such, you can obtain similar results to the professionals and take advantage of their knowledge without having to undergo years of training and knowledge accumulation.

Various Unique Portfolios and Trading Options

The platform allows you to take advantage of various tools to present specific portfolios, strategies, and plans that are trading bot-oriented. These automations will rely on TA and other aspects to take advantage of the markets.

You can set various refinements by looking at histories and creating profitability by paying attention and doing your homework.

Custom Creations

The platform allows you to use TradingView and other tools to create trading bots that deal with famous digital assets. You can conduct tests to see how the strategies worked in the past and use them to guide your thinking and robot inputs. Place alerts so that you can purchase and divest assets at your robot’s recommendations. Then turn those alerts into streamlined automation.

Advanced Speculation Terminal

Intelligent crypto trading is essential in these markets. Wunderbit Trading enables you to add different features to orders on prominent exchanges allowing for smart trading. Did you know that you can edit the trades while they are active so you can minimize risk? The entity lets you conduct as many bot operations in various accounts, simultaneously.

Do Not Panic Just Exit

You can take advantage of a panic exit feature that enables you to get out of a strategy while it is still active. When you press the panic exit button, you can see that you can close the trade at the right time. This way, you can minimize losses that occur due to market movements.

Manage Several Accounts At Once

It is always beneficial to manage several accounts at once. You have several features to do so within this platform. That is correct, you can manage several cryptocurrency entity accounts on several exchanges at once from one place.

Several Accounts

You can take advantage of investor accounts or trader accounts. The second one lets you exchange ideas with others and apply various strategies that make sense to you.

You can see how these features make it much easier for you to use this platform.


Wunderbit traders can manage their risk through the portfolio with the API and ensure that it only has access to speculation and not withdrawing.

Specific features such as copy trade and trade execution through automation can keep your account moving along without any issues. As such, you can be sure that your funds will stay within your control. Of course, you must make sure that your exchange is safe and secure as well for the best results.

Wunderbit will also have access to security aspects from SSL to general industry practices.

Customer Support

Customer support is essential, and you can find that this platform offers customer support through Twitter, Telegram, and find answers to your questions through their FAQ page.

The firm understands the importance of customer service and will ensure that it provides the best service possible to ease concerns and guide people to the right place.

If you want help on their site, you can scroll down to the help icon, click on it, and it will expand to show a form. Fill out the form and you can get a response during business hours!

Of course, you can reach out to them on Facebook, Instagram, and even Youtube, but you would be better off with email, Telegram, or Twitter.


Remember that the bots are not magical entities that will sense the direction of the market and trade accordingly. You must be quite careful and input the right strategies.

Thankfully, Wunderbit will also enable you to copy other’s trades, and benefit from that opportunity. As such, this tool can be smarter than other ones on the market. Remember that if you can make it to where your automation is executing and following another human’s speculation and that can help you in up and down markets.

Since you have that feature to align with active traders who have a track record of success, you can set it to follow them, and obtain more success.

The main points are that your reading of the market can be wrong, and other people’s readings of the market can be wrong. So you will not always have profitable trades. But you may be able to capture more upside with this tool because it has smart features.

Recall that the markets can go up and down. It is up to you to make the right decisions, input the right strategies, and watch your machine regularly to get the best results.

WunderBit Final Points

The general cryptocurrency community appreciates this product and service because it has the right offerings. For instance, it provides an opportunity for simplification, has advanced features, enables copy aspects, and provides more intelligence to the bots.

This is a critical differentiation. Further, it does not have complaints and it provides a free option. It is wise to give Wunderbit a try and upgrade as you see fit.