Bitsgap VS 3Commas Comparison

When it comes to using cryptocurrency trading bots, the names of Bitsgap and 3Commas often crop up throughout community discussions, reviews, expert analyses, and personal recommendations.

This means that if you are looking for an automated trading solution, you must have considered using either of these platforms. But with scattered information and plenty of third-party opinions, it gets difficult to tell one feature apart from the other.

To help you clear the clutter and cut through to the important details, here’s a side-by-side comparison of Bitsgap vs 3Commas. By going through this information, you can ensure to choose a crypto bot that fits right in line with your personal trading philosophy.

💡 Reputation

During its time in the cryptocurrency industry, Bitsgap has garnered a massive boost in its reputation through its popularity, services, and most of all, positive feedback. With its solutions, the bot has rapidly become one of the hot favorites of cryptocurrency users for its automated trading services. Bitsgap also enjoys a significant amount of active users who sign praises for its extensive functionalities.

On the other hand, 3Commas also holds a profoundly positive reputation. Many cryptocurrency traders who want to either try automated trading or use the mechanism on a daily basis flock towards the platform, and rank it high on their list of recommended trading solutions. In many cases, 3Commas’ name has become synonymous with crypto trading. This makes this bot one of the most sought-after solutions for all types of traders.

This means that on the reputation front, Bitsgap and 3Commas rank on almost the same level, with 3Commas holding a slight edge over the other. With that being said, both solutions are audience favorites, highly recommended, and extensively functional. If brand reputation is the main decision-making factor for you, you can choose between either of the bot platforms with equal ease.

⌛ Time in Business

Bitsgap made its debut on the cryptocurrency stage in 2017. This provides the bot with a significant level of experience. It is also one of the reasons why the platform has earned such an established name for itself throughout different segments of the crypto community. Whether someone has heard of cryptocurrency bots only in passing or have been using them for years, they recognize Bitsgap’s name in an instant.

Launched in 2017, 3Commas is close to completing half a decade of successful operations. Where many trading bots fade away as soon as they launch their services, the existence and successful continuation of 3Commas’ solutions speaks significantly in favor of the program and its reviews. This provides you with the peace of mind that you need to use 3Commas for buying and selling your hard-earned cryptocurrency.

By using their industry experience and real-time feedback over the past few years, both Bitsgap and 3Commas have made massive improvements to their solutions. With their extent of refinement, you can rest assured to obtain high-quality services at every step. Once again, this ranks both cryptocurrency bots on an equal level. If you are looking for a seasoned crypto bot, this aspect also gives you ideal flexibility without making any compromises on reliability.

💰 Packages/Prices

Bitsgap offers its services through a monthly subscription, which comes in four different tiers with the inclusion of a free plan. As a result, you can easily choose a trading package that suits your needs and your requirements for premium features. This bot also comes with a 14-day free trial that doesn’t even require your credit card to sign up.

Bitsgap pricing packages start from as low as $19/month and go up to $110/month. All of these paid packages also come with features such as trading signals, demo trading, and support for unlimited exchanges including futures trading.

In comparison, 3Commas also offers a monthly subscription model, which is available in four different plans, including a free package. With a 3-day free trial to the Pro Plan, the solution lets you select your desired cryptocurrency trading features according to your budget.

All 3Commas plans come with a discounted price for monthly payment. These annual payment packages start at $14.5/month and go up to $49.5/month, but you need to pay for all 12 months in advance for this special pricing. All paid plans offer features such as paper trading, multiple accounts per exchange, and various trading types including futures. This gives you maximum functionality in a highly affordable package.

Comparing side by side, Bitsgap’s solutions remain on the pricier end while 3Commas remains more affordable. However, the major difference between Bistgap and 3Commas’ pricing comes through the latter’s discount offering on annual subscriptions.

With that being said, even with 3Commas original monthly prices being put on the list that start from $29/month and go up to $99/month, you still see a difference in pricing, especially in the two top plans. When you compare the value proposition of both solutions side by side, it is also easy to tell that 3Commas takes the cake in this particular aspect.

If you are looking to make your decision based upon the affordability of top-tier plans or annual subscriptions, 3Commas is the obvious choice. However, for monthly subscriptions of standard or basic plans, it is important to note that the starting package at Bitsgap is more accessible at $19/month than 3Commas’ $29/month offering.

⚙️ Strategies

Bitsgap goes above and beyond in terms of offering various trading strategies, signals, and indicators to its audience. This provides you with an array of options to craft and finetune your strategy for maximum profit. If you are a new cryptocurrency user, getting a hang of these options might seem daunting at first. But if you give the process a little time, you can master one of the most advanced yet easy-to-use trading platforms.

Some of the Bitsgap features include but are not limited to smart orders, over 100 indicators, trade visualization, and full support for TradingView charts. Other features such as smart drawing tools further add to its value proposition.

In comparison, 3Commas also comes with a ton of different trading strategies and indicators. The platform also offers choice yet beneficial trading signals that are enough to take its offerings to the next level. Due to the wide array of offerings, it can be a little tricky to learn them if you have never used bots before. But 3Commas’ overall user interface (UI) ensures that the learning curve is not that steep.

Some of 3Commas’ most sought-after features include smart orders, over 20 overall trading features, portfolio management, and free mobile apps. The platform also supports TradingView charts as well as the ability to view and copy bots, which enhances its functionalities even further.

One feature that sets 3Commas apart from many other cryptocurrency bots, including Bitsgap, is that 3Commas’ platform allows you to copy the strategies of other users quite easily. This provides you with a shortcut to see effective trading strategies in action without having to spend weeks or months to create some strategies from scratch.

To summarize this particular category, both Bitsgap and 3Commas come with a wide array of strategies that you can create and improve according to your own discretion. But 3Commas surpasses expectations by allowing you to choose and utilize strategies without any extensive hard work.

👌 Exchanges Supported

Bitsgap supports over 30 different exchanges that include but are not limited to the following.

  1. Binance
  2. OKEx
  3. KuCoin
  4. Kraken
  5. FTX
  6. Bitfinex
  7. Huobi
  8. Coinbase Pro
  9. Bittrex
  10. HitBTC
  12. Poloniex
  13. Bitstamp
  14. Coinbene
  15. Gemini
  17. Liquid
  18. Lbank
  19. The Rock Trading
  20. EXMO
  21. Bit-Z
  22. Bithumb
  23. Bibox

3Commas supports 23 cryptocurrency exchanges, which include but are not limited to the following.

  1. Binance
  2. FTX
  3. Bybit
  4. BitMEX
  5. Deribit
  6. Bittrex
  7. Binance DEX
  8. Binance US
  9. Bitfinex
  10. Bitstamp
  11. CEX.IO
  12. Coinbase Pro
  13. EXMO
  15. HitBTC
  16. Huobi
  17. Kraken
  18. KuCoin
  19. OKEx
  20. Poloniex
  21. YoBit

This means that both trading bots come with support for all major exchanges, with Bitsgap having a slight advantage over 3Commas in the number of exchanges that it supports.

👨‍💻 Customer Service

Bitsgap has a swift and dependable customer service mechanism that includes live chat and a detailed knowledge base. The response time is fast especially considering the traffic that the platform gets on a daily basis. Other than this, the solution uses industry-standard security such as two-factor authentication (2FA), secure server hosting, and application programming interface (API) keys to make sure that it delivers a safe and comfortable experience to its customers.

In comparison, 3Commas also offers robust and quick customer service to all of its clients. This includes the availability of live chat, an extensive knowledge base, as well as community interaction. You can also rest assured that your transactions on the platform are secured through mechanisms such as 2FA, secured hosting, and the usage of API keys to connect to exchanges. The availability of mobile apps further adds to the trading platform’s value proposition in order to make it worth your investment.

This makes 3Commas take the cake in terms of overall customer service and experience. However, if you are not picky about mobile apps, then Bitsgap does a pretty good job of catering to your needs. 

🤜 My Personal Results

I have tested both platforms with real investments:

📢 Overall Experience

Due to their UI, ease of use, and extensive functionalities, the overall experience of using both Bitsgap and 3Commas remains at the same level.

With that being said, it is best to try both options through their free trial offerings to see how they fare against your personal trading activities. This allows you to make an informed decision that’s based upon your own personal experience as well as the advice of existing traders who have used both platforms.