Over the past few years, trading bots have become a popular way to manage cryptocurrency buying and selling strategies.

Purpose-built for rapid trading, these solutions not only automate your trading activities, but also make them more efficient and accurate than manual efforts.

But as you come across a slew of services that each offer the same kind of solutions, it can be pretty difficult to choose a trading bot that’s the perfect fit for your needs. With that being said, it’s no reason to stop you from finding the latest solutions in this division, so you can continue your trading adventures with the help of cutting-edge technology.

With plenty of benefits to boot, is one such bot that promises all the efficacy you can expect from an automated trading solution with a user-friendly interface. But like most intuitive trading bots, the solution comes with its own price tag.

To help you determine whether is worth it, here’s a lowdown on this bot and all that it can do for your trading activities.

Time in Business: How Long Has Been in Business?

Due to its delayed promotional practices, you may not have heard of until 2019. This is why, you may be surprised to know that it’s parent company Cleo Finance has been in business since 2016.

While the exact date of its full product launch remains unclear, the Czech Republic-based has been serving retail customers since at least 2018. Despite this ambiguity in its time of operation, the solution delivers on what it promises: an easy to use trading bot that requires no coding knowledge for you to utilize it. offers its bot services through its website as a cloud-based solution. It doesn’t require any installation and can be accessed through any modern browser.’s biggest unique selling point (USP) comes in the form of its graphical user interface (GUI). Despite being a cryptocurrency trading bot with an extensive strategy creator, the platform packages itself as an easy to use web application. The whole interface is based on a point-and-click design, which aims to become a simple to execute tool that also packs significant functionality within it.

After its recent redesign efforts, pulls off this feat better than it ever did before. Combined with its support for popular exchanges and its library of free user strategies, the platform presents an offer that you may not want to miss.


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TradeSanta Free trial for 3 days

Reputation: Is Renowned in the Crypto Community?

Despite being launched all the way back in 2016,’s financial institution and its trading bot do not have the same level of recognition as many other cryptocurrency entities that were established around the same time.

There are many factors to blame here, the easiest ones of which are tepid marketing, delayed product release and lackluster response. But whatever aspect stands out as the major fallacy, the reality still remains that operates as a relatively obscure entity with almost no recognition in the larger crypto community.

Due to not having a strong outreach to those who trade assets on a regular basis as well as those who are looking to start trading for the first time ever, does not have much fan following. It also doesn’t sport a noticeable user base at this point in time.

However, the platform has lately started to make its presence known by responding to long-unanswered questions on BitcoinTalk and releasing informative blog posts on its official website. This indicates that it is finally taking the steps it needed to introduce its operations on a larger scale.

While has had a relatively slow start as compared to its peers, the current time of bolstering its marketing efforts might just work in its favor. It’s mainly because of its user-friendly app design, easy to use interface, and accessible solutions.

This means that if you are not shy of giving newer trading bots a chance, this is the perfect time to let prove its mettle to you.

Exchanges Supported: Where Can You Trade Using the Solution?

At the time of writing, offers support for various popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

These platforms include:

The platform keeps adding support for other exchanges on a gradual basis. This makes sure that you can get your money’s worth in terms of using its services for the long haul.

For each of these exchanges, offers support for several cryptocurrencies. You can easily switch between these options by using the platform’s connectivity features.

Apart from cryptocurrency, also aims to support other trading assets such as equities and forex in the near future. However, for now, its main focus largely remains on crypto.

Price: How Much Does It Cost? has multiple pricing options that provide flexibility and affordability to cryptocurrency traders of all types. Its starting plan comes with no fee but limited features, which makes it a good demo product if you want to try the application before spending your money on it.

Including the free plan,’s packages come in a total of 4 tiers, with each one sporting monthly or yearly payments options. Keeping in line with other trading bots, the platform’s yearly pricing plans sport massive discounts with annual savings starting from 240 EUR.

All of the pricing plans come with unlimited options for exchanges, a point-and-click strategy builder, as well as backtesting and paper trading capabilities. However, features such as the number of backtests and paper trading as well as the amount of rules per strategy largely differ between each of the packages.

The platform offers the following plans for you to choose from.


The Free or demo version of the platform does not have live trading capabilities. It only remains a demo product that allows you to test the interface as well as the available backtesting and paper trading features in real time.

It comes with 10 backtests, 3 rules per strategy, and 1 asset per rule per month. It also gives you 2 paper trading chances on a monthly basis.

The other standout limitations on this plan are the availability of just 1 year of crypto historical data, with similar caps on forex and equities historical data. 


For 69 EUR/month on the monthly plan and 49 EUR/month on the annual plan, the Starter package comes with live trading features. This makes it the basic plan to start with if you want to trade your assets using

The plan sports with 100 backtests, 10 rules per strategy, and 3 assets per rule per month. It also allows you to use 10 paper trading instances per month.

The Starter plan also gives you 5-real time live strategies, while providing you with maximum crypto historical data. It also extends forex and equities historical data to 5 and 15 years, respectively.


For 199 EUR/month on the monthly plan and 149 EUR/month on the annual plan, the Trader plan gives you optimal features to take your cryptocurrency trading to the next level.

The plan has 500 backtests, unlimited rules per strategy, and 10 assets per rule per month. It also allows you to use 30 paper trading instances per month.

The Trader package also comes with 20 real-time live strategies. It also lifts all caps on historical data for crypto, forex, and equities markets.

Trader PRO

For 349 EUR/month on the monthly plan and 249 EUR/month on the annual plan, the Trader package lets you take down most barriers experienced with the previous tiers.

Trader Pro offers 1000 backtests, unlimited rules per strategy, and 30 assets per rule per month. It also lets you use 100 paper trading instances per month.

The package retains the unlimited historical data from the Trader plan. It also comes with the feature of 100 real-time live strategies.

Ease of Use: Interface Makes Everything a Breeze

As mentioned above,’s major benefit comes in the form of its ease of use. In fact, the interface is so intuitive that it shines through even in comparison with other popular cryptocurrency trading bots.

At first glance,’s UI looks like a WordPress website’s backend, which speaks volumes for its usability. Through easy to access features and clear categorization, using the platform is a walk in the park for even those traders who have never used a trading bot before.

The strategy building tool is also quite simple to use, and provides a ton of capabilities to put together common as well as unique strategies. Applying free live strategies that are shared by other users is also quick and painless, with everything being available through a few clicks. has also made it a point to add new features to enhance its ease of use. For instance, it has introduced the usage of “Panic” buttons, which lets a trader stop all trading or pull out of all markets at a single click. It is quite helpful for novice traders who want to pause trading when the market goes into a heightened state of activity that isn’t in favor of their strategies. also provides various features in terms of data visualization, which makes it easier to grasp the ins and outs of a market through a single glance at your screen. These features are helpful for novice and seasoned traders alike. With that being said, expert traders who want to use more advanced tools will still find that there’s a lot to be desired here.

Settings Available: Various Settings and Strategies offers various strategies and settings that cover some of the most common and crucial aspects of crypto bot trading. It also makes complete use of order types such as Stop Loss quite efficiently.

These settings and indicators offered through the platform include but are not limited to:

  • Price
  • Price Changes
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  • Stochastic
  • Exponential Moving Average Strategy (EMA)

You can use these indicators and settings on their own or combine them to create detailed strategies. The easy interface makes sure that you have all the tools you need at your disposal even as a novice user.

The availability of other free strategies that are shared by users also ensure that you can augment your cryptocurrency trading efforts in a simple yet effective manner. In case you have created a strategy that you think is helpful and will be able to support others through their trading activities, you can also upload it to the strategy sharing exchange.

Since each of the shared strategies is first backtested, you can ensure that they all work without any issues. You can also use the ability of paper-trading to see how the strategy could work for you in real time.

All of these features come together to offer you a comprehensive set of indicators and settings that let you take your operations to the next level.

Security: It Offers Standard Security Protocols

Keeping in line with credible cryptocurrency trading bots, doesn’t ask for direct access to your exchange account. It only connects to it through application programming interface (API) keys, which don’t have the permission to withdraw any funds from your exchange account unless you explicitly allow them to do so. In their default state, these API keys can only use your exchange account funds to trade on markets that are powered by your crypto exchange.

Apart from this, since doesn’t require you to install an application on your computer, it brings added security to the mix. With it, the platform also uses a secure server to operate its web application, which further adds to its safety mechanisms.

With that being said, the platform doesn’t have two-factor authentication in place as an added security measure regarding the login. This leaves a lot to be desired in comparison with other applications. However, this doesn’t bring down its security rating to zero.

Customer Support: Easier to Reach for Customers has an extensive FAQ section that has text and video guides on how to use the platform. While these answers and tutorials are incredibly helpful, they don’t cover extensive topics and only touch upon basic information. With that being said, they do add to the ease of use factor and help novice traders get familiar with basic trading terminology.

Other than that, the customer support at is quite helpful. The live chat interface answers inquiries during business hours within a few minutes at most. This is quite helpful for a service that is basically trying to reinvent itself and has all the solutions on paper in order to become a hit.

The platform also has active social media channels that make it easier for users to reach out to it through alternative platforms.

Profitability: Final Income Isn’t Set in Stone

Similar to other credible trading bots, doesn’t offer any guarantees on the profitability front. This transparency actually adds to its reliability and tells you that it is not trying to dupe its users out of their money.

With that being said, the platform has plenty of benefits and the makings of a great crypto trading tool. The backtesting and live paper trading functionalities also ensure that you can test your strategies before making them go live, which ensures that you don’t lose your hard earned money to experimentation.

Overall, is an exceptional tool for new traders, while also sporting quite a few features for seasoned cryptocurrency traders. If you are looking for an easy to use platform with a lot of potential, don’t hesitate from giving its free demo a try today.