ProfitTrailer Review

While searching for cryptocurrency trading bots, it can be quite difficult for you to select an option that suits your needs while also being reliable in its reputation and dependable in its functionalities.

But some bot solutions tick all the boxes in a very noticeable manner. One of these bots is ProfitTrailer, which delivers on its features in a very promising way. Keep reading this review to know more details about this trading platform.

What is ProfitTrailer and How Long Has It Been in Business?

Based out of the Caribbean island of Curacao, ProfitTrailer is an automated cryptocurrency bot that runs as an installable software and supports multiple crypto exchanges. At the time of writing the review, it supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi as well as its own virtual private server (VPS) systems.

Launched in September 2017, ProfitTrailer came to prominence during the cryptocurrency bull run in Q4 2017. The crypto bot reached its peak with the boon of Bitcoin and other digital assets. But since then, it has dropped in terms of popularity.

This is why, while the software is quite well known to those who have been active in the cryptocurrency sector since a few years, it is still relatively obscure to those who have just started out in the digital asset sector.

How Reputable is ProfitTrailer?

While ProfitTrailer is not the most famous bot in cryptocurrency history, it has still garnered noticeable loyalty from the people who have subscribed to the service. During its peak popularity, the bot recorded over 30,000 active users on its platform, which added to its prowess at the time.

Right now it has over 1,000 members on its Subreddit and over 4,500 followers on its Twitter handle. While the community is not as active as it was until the start of 2018, the number of users that ProfitTrailer has obtained have contributed to its reputation over the years.

But the team itself has remained active throughout this period with consistent updates, communication, support and positive reviews. This provides ProfitTrailer with a positive status in the cryptocurrency sector, even if it only remains prominent to a relatively limited segment.

Which Exchanges Does It Support?

At the time of writing, ProfitTrailer bot supports a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, which are mentioned below.

In order to use the software with any of these exchanges, you need to create an account and verify it as needed before you can use the trading bot for buying and selling cryptocurrency as well as derivatives.

How Much Does ProfitTrailer Cost?

It comes in different pricing models in order to cater to a wide variety of crypto traders. All of these price points come with support for all exchanges and live support on Discord. They also offer advanced paper trading and signals subscription.

Free/Paper License

This free version provides trial-level access to all supported exchanges, comes with 2 bots, ability to store 3 configurations, and over 40 buy and sell strategies.

Signals Edition

The Signals Edition comes with 2 bots, 3 storable configurations, and support for up to 40 buy and sell strategies. It also adds 2 months free TV addon along with 2 months free signals.

It’s available for a fee of €30/month.

Basic Plan

This Basic version comes with over 40 buy and sell strategies. It has all the features of Signals Edition except for free TV addon and free signals. One of the main differences between Basic and Signals Edition is the availability of free TV addon as well as free signals. The other difference lies in its 5 stored configurations.

The Basic version is available for €49/month. But it also offers a lifetime license for €799.

Advanced Plan

This Advanced version has all the features of Basic while also boasting of advanced stats and notifications. Another difference is that it offers 10 stored configurations. It is also available for a lifetime license for €999.

The Advanced version is available for €69/month. But it also offers a lifetime license for €999.

Depending upon the way you intend to use the trading solution, you can buy the variant that suits your needs the best.

How Easy to Use is ProfitTrailer?

The tool comes with an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). Over the past few updates of the bot software, its interface has become quite intuitive and easy to use.

With that being said, the setup is not that easy for the bot. Depending upon your level of tech proficiency, it can be quite difficult to install and setup the bot all by yourself. While the ProfitTrailer website does offer pre-configured VPS, it is still not that simple to set up for those users who are using such a software for the very first time.

What Settings are Available?

ProfitTrailer offers a variety of settings to its users which include but are not limited to LOWBB, HIGHBB, GAIN, CHANGEPERCENTAGE, and SMA SPREAD.

This gives you a wide range of options to choose from. Whereas, the ability to store configurations also helps you with using your preferred settings with a single click.

What Kind of Security is Offered?

ProfitTrailer installs on your computer or VPS, which makes it a highly secure trading bot. But it is still as safe as your hardware in terms of preventing unauthorized access, so you need to make sure that you never leave the bot running unattended or without proper password protection.

Other than that, ProfitTrailer uses high end security mechanisms which are industry standard. It also only uses APIs for trading access and does not ask you for withdrawal permission at any point of time. This makes this software a trustworthy bot.

How Good is ProfitTrailer Customer Support?

The support is unconventionally robust. Despite the Subreddit and Twitter being somewhat inactive, the team is actively available on Discord after moving its support system to the popular instant messaging platform.

Since then, the ProfitTrailer bot team can be reached via Discord any hour of the day. The response time can vary, but you can ensure to get a response through the official channel if you file your concerns with the right handle.

How Profitable is ProfitTrailer?

While its name remains catchy and marketable as anything, it does not commit to earning a set amount of profit for you. This approach is in line with other reputable cryptocurrency bots, which actually works in the favor of ProfitTrailer in this stance.

That is why, it is important that you understand the risks and benefits of trading with a crypto bot before you sign up with ProfitTrailer, and only trade with funds that you can afford to put on line.


While ProfitTrailer remains dependable in its operations and easy to use to an extent, it is still important that you compare all of its features thoroughly before buying its monthly or lifetime license.

It is recommended that you first use its Free mode to see if the program can be a good fit for you and buy it only when it fulfills your expectations. This keeps you from running into disappointments and helps you enjoy your trading to the hilt.