VPS for Bot Trading Guide

The digital asset industry offers a slew of opportunities today for profit making. You understand that you do not have the time to sit in front of your computer or mobile app and make trades with the whims of the market. Instead, you would like to automate this process through augmented robotic trading.

You are interested in augmented speculation and want to make sure that you know how to improve your infrastructure to obtain the best results. But how do you do that? Where do you start?

You would want to make sure that you understand different terms such as a VPS, how they interact with automatic bot tools for trading, and how you should choose the right aspects such as VPS.

Let us find out more about a VPS and how it matters to you in your cryptocurrency profit-seeking bot trading journey.

What Is a VPS?

When you hear about the term “VPS” it will quite likely refer to a virtual private server. But what is a virtual private server, and why do you need it for your regular investing or bot trading purposes?

First, we must state that a server is a computing unit that hosts various bits of virtual information for websites, virtual tools, and automated applications. In a usual scenario, a user will log into a website and search for information and make requests by clicking on buttons on the site. The server works behind the scenes to send the necessary information when the user makes these requests.

The server is of significant importance to all websites, mobile applications, and other virtual tools and services across the world.

A virtual server is slightly different from a regular server because it will adapt the process of virtualization to divide that single computing engine we mentioned, to several faster processing units. The splitting process is necessary to create efficiency and to decrease costs.

There are two types of virtual servers; public and private. Virtual private servers are used to host sensitive information and execute more private virtual tasks. One would use this because they seek to have their own virtual computing environment with zero shared virtual resources with other applications. Different entities seek to use virtual private servers to have wholly dedicated RAM, CPU, or other virtual pieces of information within their respective environment.

Remember that a VPS will serve as the foundation for your augmented trading bot solution. The VPS is where you will host your tool and allow it to operate efficiently and effectively.

VPS: The Inner Workings

Virtual Private Server hosting will emulate the concept of a dedicated server when, in reality, you are still partaking in the same physical server environment with several other entities. What happens in this process is that your application hosting operator will implement a virtual element overlaid on the foundational operating system through the process of virtualization.

The idea is that it will seem as if you have your respective environment through the virtual barriers that enable each participant to input different operating systems and applications as necessary.

It becomes valuable as it helps to conduct operating system separation between users without the need for another physical server altogether. Therefore, it does serve as a genuinely standalone virtual container with the appropriate computing essentials.

These computing basics will include memory, and of course, processing. All of it will be there just for you and only you to use.

But we must comprehensively understand how a VPS differs from other forms of web hosting to realize the value further.


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The Differences between Shared, Dedicated and VPS Environments

Shared Hosting Environments

A shared hosting environment is one that many people use for their regular website needs. You purchase hosting option because you want to minimize costs and do not have to worry about the sharing of computing resources.

Other people can share that server with you and would be totally fine with that. Let us simplify this further by relating this to something in regular life.

Imagine that you live in a condominium, and each condo has someone living in it. You seek a place reside for the long term, just like your site data, but you don’t want to spend extra to get an individual home. The shared space or condominium gives you what you need and minimizes your costs.

Shared environments work the same way.

You understand that there are some risks but appreciate the cost savings that it provides.

Dedicated Spaces

If a shared environment is like a condominium, then a dedicated environment is like having your respective house. As you can tell, dedicated is antithetical to the shared environment concept. The dedicated idea is all about exclusivity.

But the issue here is that it carries more expenses.

People love it because it lets them have more flexibility, control, and security. Site or app owners prefer this option when they have more rigorous technical needs.

For instance, this might be the right option if you think you will have high technical throughput, must have OS customization, or experience massive tasks.

VPS Environments

VPS environments are a mixture of both and might serve up the best of both worlds. People share computing essentials on the same physical unit but are separate due to virtual barriers. These specific compartments host specific domains and tools. All of this for a lower cost than a fully dedicated environment.

A VPS is also perfect for you if you have concerns about security, expect a high level of activity; you require customization, server issues, you are financially conservative, and prefer more control.

Now you understand the VPS’s essentials and how it matters to you and your needs right now.

Let us talk about how it matters for automated trading purposes.

Why VPS Is Needed for Bot Trading

Let us talk about the general elements first before shifting to the more specific aspects of this picture.

First, you would want to use a VPS for augmented trading because it is the right infrastructure for you to make the most out of your speculation set up. While these augmented solutions are made with different scripting languages and can give you an edge, they definitely need a proper environment to thrive.

Now, let us get a bit more specific. Here are the reasons why you want a VPS for automated trading.

The first point is that one can be mobile in a secure manner with the VPS setup. You do not have to possess your home computer and have that to make trades. Instead, with a VPS, you can use a VPS integrate with your broker interface and speculate as you wish. All you need is access to the internet and a place to concentrate on the markets. That means you can be transient and still have the ability to trade. It is quite a big deal.

Professional traders also prioritize security throughout the process. They must know that everything is set up in the right way to trade without any concerns. Proper VPS platforms will have safety as the central aspect of the solution.

For instance, they might have managed VPS platforms with the right professionals checking and making sure that everything is alright. The top tier firms will promise over 98% uptime. A few even go further and mechanisms that help to minimize outside threats.

Minimal slippage and smooth trade processing is also a vital component offered by VPS systems. Professional traders appreciate that VPS systems can process transactions efficiently and effectively over traditional computing systems. Those who use these systems see minimal delays and lower value leaks. They appreciate they can save money and likely make more money because of this system.

How to Choose Proper VPS

You want first to understand if the VPS system operates on a self-managed basis or on the basis of a managed service. The former would require you to have more skills and knowledge about servers, about networks to a small extent, the willingness to dive in and troubleshoot, and monitoring and maintaining third-party applications present on the system. Of course, this might take time, money, and extra resources if you choose to take it on yourself.

Thankfully, the VPS provider will take care of this and manage this process for you if you desire. Most people do not want to take care of deep-level technical aspects and are more focused on the main priority: generate more value.

Operating System

Think about your operating system and think about what would mesh well with the VPS. Many people do not think about operating system and VPS alignment. What kind of system do you have? Windows, Linux, Mac?

Optimize for Uptime

You always want to make sure that you are thinking about uptime. Does the system fail frequently or every now and then? How often does it fail and disrupt the application experience? Many people want their VPS systems to have more than 98% uptime. They expect complete excellence.

Think Hardware Maximization

The right VPS will have the right specifications that include items such as viable solid-state drives, proper efficiency, and elegant speeds.

Full-Time Support

You want a service that will be there for you when you need it. There’s a variety of issues that you will face with the service. Remember to have


Make sure that you have the right redundancies with your provider. You want to make sure that everything goes well. The idea is that you do not want to lose applications. Backup infrastructure should be as simple as possible.

What Bots Require VPS

A variety of bots requires VPS. These bots would include RSI tools to price viewing tools. Many bots will come with several options where you can use a VPS or might not need to; it might be up to you.

Are there any Bots with no VPS Needed

Sure there are different bots on the market that do not require VPS systems. Most of the popular solutions are web-based nowadays, so there is no need for a separate bot hosting, as the bot is already hosted on cloud.

We trust that you learned quite a bit about virtual private servers, how they work and why they matter to you as you run augmented bot tools.