The quest to find the easiest to launch and the most profitable cryptocurrency trading bot continues. Today we are going to set up a popular Cryptohopper trading bot with a paid Adventurer package and 0.1 BTC as an initial exchange balance.

The price for the Adventurer package is $49 if you choose to pay on a monthly basis or $41.58 with a yearly subscription. If you want to test out the Cryptohopper platform for free, then there is also a 7-day trial Explorer package available. 

Cryptohopper packages

Cryptohopper offers 3 different ways to launch the trading process:

  • Arbitrage bot
  • Auto trading bot
  • Market Maker (not available for my package)
Cryptohopper trading bots

I am going to pick an Auto Trading mode this time and would probably give a try to Arbitrage a bit later. It would be interesting to check how their Arbitrage performs, as I find it pretty hard to make money on arbitrage nowadays.

As usual, the whole experiment will take place on a Binance exchange, where I have already deposited a bit more than 0.1 BTC and converted some coins to BNB (for covering the trading fees).

Now Cryptohopper offers me to pick up the template or customize the bot manually. I really like it when some pre-defined settings are being offered. This is a nice way to get started and look around. I going to pick a Binance template with BTC being a base currency.

Cryptohopper template

The bot asks for the API key and secret, the usual stuff that every automated trading solution is asking for. I have disabled withdrawal options for this API access, so there is no chance that my funds could be transferred somewhere.

Connecting API

We do not choose a Paper trading option here as we want this bot to trade with real money, and I also activated Hopper, Buying, and Selling toggles, which means that the bot should go live right away.

Perfect, the hopper is started now, and it took me less than 5 minutes and zero trading experience to launch my first Cryptohopper bot. Here you can also read the documentation and watch the tutorials for your hopper optimization.

Cryptohopper is started

These are the stats that I am going to check to understand and analyze bot performance. Total BTC in assets on the exchange is a metric that I want to grow.


Cryptohopper Settings

What else can be done at this point? Let’s check out the setting available. 

Notifications – a very useful feature that is missing on some other bot platforms. I definitely want to be informed if any trade errors would happen. Let’s activate this toggle. 


Another interesting option is to select the coins I want to buy and sell. There were only nine coins by default but I added more to give the bot more options to choose from. BTC will remain as a base currency, as this is the goal of the experiment – to get more Bitcoins.

Coins to trade

Next Cryptohopper also allows me to choose the percentage of the total bankroll that will be taken for each deal. By default this setting is set to 5%, so let’s keep it as it is.

Buy rule

Buy strategy settings is the next thing that could be optimized. Right now my hopper template is using a Custom (advanced) strategy.

Cryptohopper strategy

After clicking on it we can also check the whole buying algorithm that the bot is going to use.

Advanced settings

Pretty impressive, isn’t’ it? A lot of things that experienced traders can play with. I will definitely try to explore all the indicators and settings listed here and make a detailed explanation in one of my next Cryptohopper reports.

The last thing to check is a rule for selling assets. Take profit is set at 4% and I will keep it as it is.

Take profit settings

Cryptohopper Launching Process Verdict

This bot is really easy to launch and the starting process will be clear even for a novice trader. There are predefined templates that will let you run your first hopper with several clicks. At the same time, if you want to modify the strategy, all the numbers, indicators, and strategies are available for manual editing.

There are still a lot of interfaces and features that I need to check, such as marketplace for Templates, Strategies, and Signals, but for now, I am happy with the launching process and find it user-friendly.

The next report will be posted somewhere in a week or two, so don’t forget to come back and check the first results.