To everyone who has been following my blogs on a weekly basis, I got some very good news to share with all of you! My Bitsgap trading bots actually set a new profit record this week!

Everything is going alright and I will not be adjusting the settings. Why mess with success right? So this week’s blog post will be short and sweet. This time my balance ended up at 0.463 BTC. Made a profit margin of 0.018 BTC, not too shabby eh?

The current trading volume that the bots are making racked up to around 6 BTC, which is what I have been seeing for the past few weeks. This means that the bots are trading consistently.

Here’s a screenshot of all the Bitsgap bots that I am currently running. The good news is that a majority of them have been staying inside the trading corridor. Some others might trail outside of the corridor by a little bit but with how the market is moving right now, they will be right back on track within the day or tomorrow at the latest.

And as always, if you guys want to see how the bots are working in real-time, use this link:

The Good Stuff

And now comes the good stuff. If you all remember last week, I launched three bots with the Trailing feature enabled. So let’s see how those three bots did during the past week eh?

As you guys can see, the overall profit ended up positive. The LINK/BTC pair is a perfect example to show you guys how the trailing feature works. If you look closely, you might notice that the trading limits were automatically moved up during the week, following the price.

This means that LINK/BTC pair has been making profits for me continuously without manually fixing the settings to adjust to the new trading corridor. This makes it easier to manage since it is not necessary for me to readjust it day in and day out.


I actually like what I am currently seeing right now. I am making a profit consistently and the trading bots are doing what they are supposed to do. The new trailing feature makes my life easier and I am actually planning to move some more bots to the trailing enabled mode.

The trailing method works very well on bull markets when the prices of the coins are going up, so I am excited to see how it works on the current bear market. I hope to test it out in the coming weeks.

As I said earlier, I made very good profit margins this week, which added up to 0.018 BTC to the overall Binance balance. I hope that the current market trend continues when I move more bots to the trailing feature. Will I be able to make more profit next week? Stay tuned to this blog to find out.