Ever since Bitcoin trading started to gain traction as a credible medium, more and more professional traders have flocked towards it for profit generation.

Some have started perceiving the sector as an alternate way to make money, while others have transitioned to it completely. But even when traders are keeping in line with conventional trading mechanisms, it cannot be denied that Bitcoin has emerged as a highly popular option for daytraders of all scales and stature.

To aid in their day to day operations of cryptocurrency trading, these professionals also make use of automated bot solutions.

Made to automatically buy and sell assets according to market conditions, these trading bots do not require professional traders to keep their eyes glued to their computer screens. Even when they are away from their desks or concentrating on other responsibilities, users could still benefit from market gains with the help of these bots and their automated market analysis.

You don’t have to stay stuck to your desks to analyze markets 24/7, you could benefit from Bitcoin and earn some potential profits even when you have other commitments to tend to, such as holding a fulltime job.

What Do You Need to Start a Bitcoin Trading Bot?

Perhaps the best thing about using an automated tool is how you don’t have to move mountains in order to get it going. One only needs a bit of basic knowledge of what to do, as such, starting your own Bitcoin bot tool is quite simple.

The most important step in starting is to select a credible platform provider. From there, remember to assess a few more simple factors prior to realizing immense value from the automated functionalities of the modern trading trend.

Choose a Popular Service Platform

Prioritize and choose a popular legitimate Bitcoin automated trading solution. This allows you to steer clear of any service issues as well as fraudulent activities.

Know that there are many options within this sector. If possible, ask around your social circle to get recommendations. Otherwise, you could look up reviews online to select an option that is suitable for you.

Realize that you also need a cryptocurrency account within a popular exchange to start. Always check what exchanges does your crypto bot support, and create your accounts accordingly.

Compare Prices

Since each BTC bot service comes with its own pricing model, always check and see the prices before you move forward with your options. The whole endeavor must be feasible overall for you.

Determine if the pricing is right up to par with the service, this is an important part of the due diligence process. You would need to view the overall value proposition before determining a platform as expensive or cheap.

Keep Features in Mind

Apart from reputation and pricing, you also need to keep the offered features in mind. Some Bitcoin bots are fully functional and come with advanced order execution, while others are not so advanced but make up for it with ease of use. Ensure to select something which you are comfortable with.

In all cases, checking for security features is essential, also remember to select a  bot that comes from a credible and trustworthy entity.

Is It Hard to Set Up Everything?

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not complex to initiate a BTC trading bot. Even the most advanced options offer simplicity to their buyers, which means that you could set up your tool in a few steps.

One thing that you need to remember here the more complex the platform, the more steps and technical expertise would it require from your end.

On one instance, if you go with a web-based solution, then you wouldn’t need to install anything on your computer to connect the bot to your cryptocurrency exchange. You could do so directly through the web application.

Conversely, if you select a software that needs to be installed on a computer to run, you would need to set up the application after downloading it. For added security, you might even need a separate virtual private server (VPS) to set it up. But even then, the process is fairly straightforward depending upon your technical expertise.

The best way to navigate through such a process is to select an automated tool that is the right fit for your technical prowess, while taking into account, your needs.

Does It Mean That Everything is Really Easy?

Implementing and initiating your automated speculation tool for Bitcoin might be straightforward, but know that it is not the setup phase that needs your utmost attention. The actual task and responsibility at your end starts becoming clearer when you actually use the automated speculation solution.

Keeping an eye on the trading tool’s utility features, its decisions, and their overall impact on your transactions is crucial. It would also require you to be vigilant of your funds and their overall movement. You are investing the solution and it should be acing in an effective manner.

What Adjustments are Needed?

No matter the bot for trading BTC you end up selecting for yourself, keep in mind that adjustments will always be a part of the picture. You will need to make a few tweaks in order to make the platform a perfect fit for your needs.

Since a good Bitcoin trading bot would be equipped with a plethora of customization and modification features, getting acclimated with these adjustments might take a while. But even then, they aren’t that difficult.

Some of the most popular adjustments that almost every trader ends up making include but are not limited to:

  • Order types
  • Strategies
  • Indicator analysis
  • Crypto pair choice
  • Amount to be traded
  • Time allocated to unsupervised trading

Depending upon your budget and what you want out of your trading, these factors might get expanded once you start using your automated tool.

So I Need to Be a Pro to Start?

You don’t need to be a professional daytrader to start with a cryptocurrency bot. At the same time, you can’t be a starry-eyed novice with no knowledge of crypto markets.

That is why, it is highly advised that whenever you are about to delve into cryptocurrency trading of any kind, regardless of whether it’s automated or not, ensure that you have read up on the basic mechanisms of digital assets.

This would help you monitor and assess your bot’s performance as you use it on a regular basis, and would allow you to make adjustments for profitable trading.


Setting up a Bitcoin trading bot is easy even when you are not a professional trader, but the real challenge arises when you have to use it and monitor its performance. That is when you need to pay the utmost attention to your automated tool, and bring your knowledge to test in order to make profitable trades.

Remember, while automated bots make your life easier by doing almost everything by themselves, they still need a nudge towards the right direction. Only by doing so could you allow them to work optimally for you, and raise your chances to make beneficial trades on a consistent basis.