If you remember last month, I finished my long experiment with Bitsgap. That experiment lasted me a duration of 6 months, where I turned my initial investment of 0.4 BTC into 0.5 BTC. That netted me a handsome 20% profit in half a year. During the course of that whole experiment, I have tested a lot of trading pairs through trial and error to find out which ones work the best with the Bitsgap trading bot.

So far, there are three pairs that have caught my attention since they were the ones who were doing well during the entire 6 months. I did what was the best course of action then, after I concluded the 6-month experiment, I re-launched those three pairs again with 0.1 BTC invested in each.

So what I will do today is I will revisit those three pairs and I will be sharing how they are doing since they really are the best pairs to put your money in. Here are the three bots that have been putting up very good numbers so far.

The Fine Details

Now that I have shown you what pairs I decided to invest in, I will go through each and every one of them and show you the exact numbers that these pairs have been putting out currently and what kind of earnings they are bringing in so far.


This first pair is currently the lowest performer out of the three. This is also the only one that has left the trading corridor, so it is currently holding the coins to sell them back when the price comes back to the trading corridor. If you look at the screenshot above, the GNT/BTC pair has tons of unrealized profit due to it leaving the set limits.

Even if the GNT bot has left the corridor, the total earnings the bot put out is still positive. I am sure that the price will pick up soon as the market is currently fluctuating. Once that happens, the profit margin for this bot will surely skyrocket as this one still holds on to a lot of coins right now. But hey, even a 2,66% is still a good result if you look at it overall.

  • Bot profit: 20.27%
  • Unrealized profit: -17.61%
  • Exit profit: 2.66% (0.0027BTC)


This one has been a consistent performer since the day I started the Bitsgap experiment, hence it earned its place here. It has been stable all throughout and the bot is doing what it is intended to do, which is to keep executing the orders inside the trading corridor based on the parameters that I set.

There are few fluctuations here and there especially during the initial stages and also during the halfway mark where it slightly went out of the corridor, but aside from those little hiccups, it has been trading in and out steadily during the entire month. The profit margin speaks for itself, with it racking a nice hefty sum of 14.76%.

  • Bot profit: 22.79%
  • Unrealized profit: -8.03%
  • Exit profit: 14.76 % (0.0147 BTC)


So far the undisputed king of the hill, the overall champion, POWR. This nifty pair has been my best performing pair ever since I started the first experiment all the way in August last year. This awesome pair has earned me the maximum amount from the last one and even up until now, and it has no plans stopping. I think this is the pair that is really best suited to run with Bitsgap.

If you look at the numbers closely, it has been trading consistently inside the corridor, especially during the final stretch. Which means it is buying coins at a lower price then resell them at a higher price! This is what I expect the bot to do. The POWR/BTC pair has been my best friend since I started and the results show for itself with 23.84% for me, which is a little just under a quarter of my total investment already.

  • Bot profit: 28.83%
  • Unrealized profit: -4.99%
  • Exit profit: 23.84% (0.0246 BTC)

The Aftermath

Now let’s look at the overall results after this first month of testing.

  • Total investments: 0.3048 BTC
  • Total profit: 0.042 BTC
  • 0.042/0.3048 x 100% = 13.8%

When I look at those numbers, all I can say is that it has far exceeded my initial experiment. If you remember correctly, the first on I was running with 15 pairs for 6 months and it has netted me a total of 20%. These three champs have been putting up very good numbers after just running for a month, which makes me very happy with the results. Granted though that I already had initial information which of those would be the best for this experiment, but the results it has been putting out is magnificent.

If you guys want to check the status of these bots in real-time, just head over to this link: https://bitsgap.com/bot-sharing?id=db9c41

Now, I will be running this for another month because of the very good returns it has been bringing in, so check back in a month and let’s see again how it goes. Also, I will be preparing another Binance account for a new experiment. I will be testing the Tradesanta platform using the Minimum plan, which offers to run two bots for free.