A couple of weeks ago I promised that I will be launching another automated trading platform experiment after half a year of me trying out Bitsgap. After that particular experiment went successful, in which I managed to turn my 0.4 BTC investment into 0.5 BTC, or roughly 25% profit, I will be trying out a new crypto bot trading platform. Today, I have registered a new Binance exchange account that will be solely used for trading in this new experiment. I will also be depositing 0.1 BTC into it and set up the new automated solution.

Now you are asking why I am only putting in 0.1 BTC as an investment. Well here’s the kicker. The new platform which is called TradeSanta actually offers some bot services for free! Yes, you heard me right. They are offering 2 bots for free! That means that I will need a smaller investment since I will only be running 2 bots at the same time.

What is really good: any profit I get will be a pure profit because I will not be worried about the subscription fees. If you want to know more about TradeSanta though, I do have a detailed review of the services on the website. Now let’s not keep you waiting, I’m going to head on to the details down below.

The Fine Details

As I said earlier, I will be setting up this account with a 0.1 BTC investment, which is a little bit less than the previous experiment. And I also mentioned earlier that the 2 bots will be running free of charge so more money in my pocket if it profits well.

Since this is a free crypto bot service, let’s delve deeper into the options that are offered on the free plan. As I can see, there are actually two types of bots that are available for use. The first one is the Grid bot, which I am very familiar with since that is the same type of bot that I have been using when I was doing the experiment with Bitsgap all those months ago.

However, the only difference between TradeSanta and Bitsgap is that in TradeSanta the Grid bots do not come with pre-defined settings. This is not actually suitable for my experiment since what I am trying to do is launching it at the bare-bones settings to make the experiment as fair and as flawless as possible.

The second one they have on offer is the DCA bot.

This is the one for the users who have little experience with trading, since this type of bot comes with pre-defined templates, thus making it perfect for my experiment. I will be launching two of my bots with this algorithm and I will make them run in default settings as much as possible to get pure data for this testing.

The Superstars

Now you are all wondering which of the pairs I will be trading with when I went ahead and started this new endeavor. If you remember correctly during my previous articles, I was always talking about how this pair made me the most profit during the 6 months I did the experiment with Bitsgap.

This pair was one of the reasons why I actually hit a 25% profit margin in less than a year. I will be using this again here at TradeSanta with a different type of bot and see if it will also perform well here. That pair is none other than BTC – POWR. Keep in mind, I will be keeping the DCA bot on default settings except for the order volume which I will be setting up at 0.01 BTC.

So on the initial settings of the POWR bot, it seems that I would only need 0.02 BTC to launch this strategy. I will give this a run with these settings and maybe increase the number of orders or amount of investment to use more of my balance in the future with the 2 free bots that I was provided with a free plan.

And right from the get-go, the bot started to work immediately right after launch. In as little as 2 seconds, orders were being created and processed, which means that the POWR bot is good to go.

And now enough of me yammering about the POWR/BTC pair. Let’s talk about the second pair that I will be launching with almost the same settings. It would be the second of my three moneymakers during the other experiment, which is none other than the GNT/BTC pair. Too bad TradeSanta only offers 2 free bots, or else I would be running a few more of the moneymaking pairs.


Comparing to Bitsgap, the setup process that TradeSanta utilizes is not that smooth, especially if you are trying to use their grid bots. I still have no idea why they do not come with any pre-defined parameters or settings for ease of use. Maybe they are trying to cater that to the more experienced traders since grid bots do take more micromanaging than most, however, be rest assured, I will try to figure it out on how to make it work next time.

Their DCA ones are not that transparent as well since there are way too many parameters that I can modify on it. However, those parameters have little to no explanation on why or how setting the bot up should be done properly. And that’s just in the basic settings. Imagine the nightmare and the amount of headache I would be getting if I was going to be delving into the advanced settings, where there are way too many signals and other parameters that could be adjusted. I just wish they would offer crisp and clear instructions on it for the novices and the beginners.

As a final thought though, TradeSanta is not really novice trader friendly. I think they mostly cater to experienced traders who have already working with specific bots on other platforms since that is the kind of signal I am getting, especially from their grid bots. If you can figure it out and manage to find the sweet spot, it will be smooth sailing for you.

At the end of the day though, the only thing that really matters to me is that I make some money out of this free trading bot plan. If I can make a bank on some of these pairs running on a free plan like TradeSanta offers, then that is absolutely peachy for me. Hopefully, I can replicate the success of the pairs that I chose similar to how they performed on my last experiment.