There’s a lot of crypto and bitcoin trading bots out there, so much so that it can be kind of confusing and mind boggling on which bot to pick. So what should you do? Give up and just walk away? No. Look for the best guide on the world wide web and take comprehensive approach to get you started on your tremendous trading path.

We’ll be talking about the various automated solutions present within the market and comparing the platforms to have the best bot tool for the dollar spent on these automated bots.

How Do We Compare the Bots?

The first aspect we must cover is how we will compare the cryptocurrency bots. Our method is to start with the most cost effective one and then end up with the most expensive one. We will compare them on an equal basis because we want to execute this comparison on a fair basis.

Remember that we include those with free options and give weight to that in addition the basic tier options. The main focus will be on the price per month on a regular basis, not applying discounts or anything of that sort for the cheapest package that is present.

The Automated Trading Tools and Pricing Plans


“Minimum”. That is what TradeSanta calls its initial plan. It is also the lowest plan that they offer as it costs the user nothing.

That’s right. This plan is free.

Remember that TradeSanta does also carry another plan. They call this a basic plan. That specific package will go for $15 a month.

Quantity of Bots

One will get two bots with the minimum plan. Further, you get 49 bots with the next package, known as the basic plan.


Remember that there are several main benefits with this plan. The initial free plan will allow you to have two bots. It will also carry an unlimited number of pairs, comprehensive strategies, even privacy based messaging application Telegram notifications. Oh, you also get general support.

The Pro with the basic plan is that you can possess 49 bots.

They accept payments via btc, ether, and the stablecoin, tether.

Finally, they support HitBTC, Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex,UPbit, & Huobi. They will soon support OKEX and BitMEX.

They provide a great browsing around and platform interaction experience throughout the process.


You only get two automated trading tools with the minimum plan. The service is not as comprehensive or intensive as the other brands in this segment of business.


The initial rate is 15.99

Quantity of Bots

Zignaly offers an effective dashboard with tools that enable you to bring about automatic trading, you get augmentation with one simple solution. It seems like they only provide one unit with respect to the quantity of the automated trading tool.


The solution is relatively new. What does this mean? Well, we know that this entity may have to implement more activities and have a learning curve in the short-term and long-term. Why? Because there are so many competitors out there in the market.

Remember that it is of such novelty that we find it in beta testing at the time of this writing. The system runs on the cloud, has crypto signals, and includes other features that relate to stop loss aspects.

The tool absorbs information from outside parties and facilitates automated digital asset hubs. We know that integrates with TradingView. The Zignaly Dashboard is also there for one to peruse and utilize. The tool provides for customization and minimal hassles. There at least 21 signal providing parties.

The platform does offer the standard API connectivity and lets you choose your settings such as the parameters which include base asset, the purchase price variation, and even volume settings.


It is new and only supports Binance, yet they are striving to add more prominent exchanges.


The first plan of Cryptotrader is the Basic plan. The price is at 0.0019 Bitcoin which equals 16.51 fiat dollars at the time of writing.

Cryptotrader Bots

You get one bot.


The system takes a more android approach in the way it sets up its system. It is also on a different server and will not be hosted on your desktop, supports powerful digital asset trade corporations like Binance. One can see that it includes a tactics and approach marketplace, backtesting trading stratagems, in addition to instant email alerts.


The firm may not pay as much attention to beautifying the platform in a way that helps the user travel through the steps in a seamless manner. There is no text message alerts. No margin trading. No access to several trading facilities. Low equity base of just a measly $1,000. You will not have early access to modern features on the service. Lastly, you don’t get the best support that they can offer to you.


Bitsgap gives an option that is priced per month. You will not have to purchase in bulk as you might with other platforms. What’s the levy of the lowest plan on Bitsgap? Zero dollars.

The next tier is the basic plan which is $19 per month. Remember that this is if you do it on a monthly basis and without the annual contract.

The free setting comes with these attributes :

$1,000 monthly trading limit.

Further, while you may have very restricted movement within the platform, the entity notes that all packages have with 25+ supported trading places of activity like Binance and others.

Remember that there is also ten thousand trading pairs.

One will also get to use it while on the computer or on an on the go device.

Cool aspects such as the ability to practice in a mode, the management of portfolio, in addition trading tool approaches, also help traders out. Finally, information like signals is also there. You can see that market anomaly, and various types of order options are present within the application.

You can limit your risk with these different orders and do more with the tool because of these features. Of course, Tradingview is a part of the picture in this application. Don’t forget about the technical integrations from indicators that will provide value.

We also see that the firm doesn’t add on more costs through fees or other ways to hinder your experience.

They have a host of other elements that are in their favor as well that make it a real contender in your search.

Further, remember that supported trading methods include payment processors like Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and litecoin.

Number of Bots

The $19/month plan comes with several trading tools, specifically two.

Thankfully, the user of this service will have access to wonderful features such as information through signals, managing portfolio attribute and different settings related to order types that you will enjoy. Finally, you can practice with demo offering within the package.


The first thing you would see is that Bitsgap is very cost effective and it carries many features & functionalities that is great for traders. Bitsgap offers a place to absorb knowledge, a product tour and is very transparent.


You will look and see that the first plan only has a limited number of bots, that can be a no-go for more professional traders who may want a larger batch of bots.

Livetrader Starter package cost is $15/month.

Livetrader Number of Bots

20 bots


  • Remember that you can utilize 20 Bots.
  • You will utilize a singular strategy.
  • Have the connection to all indicators and all exchanges.
  • Unlimited positions is one phenomenal point of the Livetrader tool.

Further, have access to a week trial like similar platforms. This platform will not charge you additional trading fees similar to other tools. No need for an install with this service. Just sign up over the web.  Premium support is also essential and does contain a good design for users.

The product will arrive with market anomaly detection, further strategy configuration, backtesting, paper speculation, and in-depth dashboard functionalities.


Those who want added flexibility with strategies may want to look elsewhere.


Explorer option, that is the lowest Cryptohopper plan will come at $19/month.

Number of Bots

Singular bot.


Remember that there is 80 positions, max selected 15 coins, 2 triggers, and TA with 10 min interval.


You only get one bot with Cryptohopper.

3 Commas

3 Commas gives a trading product pricing plan of $29 for a monthly payment.

Number of Bots

3 Commas will give 1 bot service.


Right off the bat we can see that 3commas only comes with a relatively low price. They state that one speculate on various exchanges such Binance, and even other Asian ones such as Huobi.

You get intelligent trade, intelligent sell, intelligent cover, purchase and divest, and trader’s diary.

Portfolio insight opening, replication and revision, utilize it for your speculation hub, and balancing are features that comes with this plan. Remember that you are entitled to notifications for browser, mobile apps, email address, and even telegram with this starter plan. API access is present. Referral program is also there for those who want to benefit from that aspect of the product.


It is seen that service only offers one trading tool, a drawback it may be. Second, potentially, the service only connects to three entities in the initial plan, it can be a drawback. Third, automated speculation ability is taken away.


The Kryll plan pricing is very interesting. They don’t subscription pricing, they do it based on the  Kryll you hold in your account. The first option is 0 Kryll, where daily live test cost of $0.06 . There is ten speculation slots.

They note that live trading will have a cost of the value that is present within the account. The fractional cost is charged per day via a Kryll based cost. If you desire to purchase Kryll, you can find it on HitBTC,,, and


Kryll does facilitate for Paypal, and a host of other payment processors as well bitcoin, ethereum and others. It is a service where you get access to regular backtest speed, no fee discounts, referral program of 20%


The pricing may not be as straightforward as you need it to be. You are charged based on the value held in your strategy as opposed to a flat structure.


We will first note that Haasbot Pricing and Plans is conducted as such, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month. We are choosing the 12 month option to keep in line with the monthly price comparison. The most cost effective option that HaasBot provides is known as the Beginner plan.

Remember that this plan costs 0.12 BTC, meaning that if you go with the annual option, you can avail the price of 0.01BTC per month. That’s $86.86 per month at the current btc to usd conversion rate.

Number of Bots

You may have ten active bots with the Beginner plan.


Further, this plan comes with access to eleven insurances, ten safeties, more than 20 indicators, unlimited trades and zero fees. You do have access to 22 exchanges and chat and ticket support with this Beginner plan.

You will get portfolio values, views of the market, comparisons, HFT, MA for accounts, proxy functionalities, tertiary integrations, standard security like multifactor authentication and an assortment orders that you can enjoy. Thankfully, this is also developer friendly.

This platform will work with many different entities so don’t worry about who you can connect to with this wonderful service. They’ve made it to where they work with the biggest and best as well as the one’s that are less popular. You can be content with this product in that regard.


But you don’t get to access to their latest Visual Editor or their HaasScript.


This cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading bot comparison includes 9 most popular solutions presented on the market. We finally conclude that each option has its pros and cons and may appeal to different audiences.

If you are just starting out, you may want to start from a low cost standpoint but at the same time, you may have different needs. That is why it is important to pay attention to the price and the overall value that will meet your specific needs in the short-term and in the long-term.